DIY gingerbread Christmas wreath

Woodland Ruffle Gingerbread Wreath


Woodland Ruffle


15 in red work wreath form

10in Red metallic  deco mesh 

10in Red, Green and White striped deco mesh

1.5in Red, Green and White  Checked  ribbon

2.5 in White with Gingerbread house ribbon

1.5 in  Red and green striped ribbon( alternative gold and white)

2.5in White Merry Christmas ribbon 

Gingerbread house sign


(I used two rolls of mesh for this wreath.)

Cut all mesh 36 in length and open all ties on the work wreath.

After cutting mesh, roll three times on each side and scrunch in the middle! Pinch the middle of the mesh and tie within the ties on the bottom rung.

Alternate mesh types along the bottom rung. It’s also really cool to do bottom all one color and top rungs another color mesh!

Cut all ribbon 12 in. Double two different ribbons, fold in half and open. Then place ribbon inside the bottom rung also. Open the ribbon once tied and spread out.

Continue to roll and scrunch mesh onto top rung and folding ribbon to place in ties.

Next, create your bow!

To make this part easy try one of these tools to make creating a full beautiful bow a breeze-

The Hand Bow Maker

Bowdabra Bow Maker

To add the gingerbread sign, make holes in the corners of the sign and use floral wire to run through the holes and attach to the rungs of your wreath!

Don’t forget to snag your monthly wreath kit for the month of November! 

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