4 Things You Can Do With Buffalo Check Plaid

One of the hottest plaid patterns out there is the buffalo check plaid pattern. It’s cute, stylish, and can be used in many different ways to spruce up any space in your home. Keep reading to find out some of the most popular and trending ways to incorporate this checkered pattern in your home decor.

What’s the difference between buffalo check and Gingham plaid?

When you first look at the plaid print of buffalo check, you may instantly think of its checkered counterpart – Gingham. Knowing the difference may not seem like a big deal but when it comes to using it to decorate your home, it’s a good idea to be able to differentiate.

For starters, the Gingham print is smaller in pattern type whereas the Buffalo print is much larger. Going back to its origination, Buffalo plaid (now mostly referred to as Buffalo check) was primarily seen in the alternating black and red color. Gingham, on the other hand, actually started out in three primary colors – red, white, and blue – each interwoven with white. Both prints are similar in the fact that the square prints on them are the same size (whether small or large squares of equal size).

4 Things You Can Do With Buffalo Check Patterns

If you’ve taken a visual interest in the check pattern, below are some creative ways to make this a great addition to your home decor.

Use it in wall decor.

One of the most classic ways to add Buffalo check to your walls is in the form of picture frames. All you need is a picture frame and a section of fabric. If you have an old Buffalo plaid shirt that you can spare, that will work as well. Simply cut the fabric about one extra inch on all sides to have room for folding it over the frame backing and securing with craft tape or dots of hot glue.

Consider adding a printed monogram of the first letter of your last name, your whole last name, or a print of something else that would match your overall decor. Be sure to use card stock paper to durability and choose a solid color (like white) to create an abstract background with the plaid print.

Another option would be applying the fabric to a wood plaque that can be picked up at the Dollar Store or craft store. Once you’ve chosen the wood plaque of your choice, do the following:

  • Prepare your fabric with a light coat of mod podge. This will make the fabric much easier to work with and keep it from fraying.
  • Next, apply a coat to both the back of the fabric on the top of the wood plaque.
  • Now, use a smoothing tool (like a brayer) to smooth the fabric evenly onto the wood plaque.
  • Lastly, all you need to do is let it dry.

There are a number of things you can add to your wooden plaque once finished to give it an extra boost. Think twine and check ribbon bows or a faux piece of greenery.

Add the Buffalo plaid pattern to your kitchen.

A simple way to add this plaid pattern to your kitchen area is on the kitchen table. Whether you choose to use a large piece as a tablecloth or a strip for a runner, it won’t overtake a space nor be an eyesore. Using it in this manner also makes it easier to add to. For example, as a tablecloth, you can dress it up with solid black or white plates, black (or white) appliances, and cute solid-colored wall decor.

If you’re looking for a little less of the pattern to show, go for making table napkins or using it in a centerpiece. You can place a square beneath a glass vase filled with seasonal flowers and wooden beads.

Add it to the front porch.

This plaid pattern has always been a favorite when it comes to the farmhouse theme; hence, why you’ll see it drizzled in on wreaths, welcome mats, and welcome signs. To go for the wreath look, start with a natural grapevine wreath and dress one-half side with faux greenery. Some of the top go-to options are lambs ear and willow eucalyptus. Then, make a medium to large-sized bow using buffalo check ribbon mixed with burlap. Attach the bow in a place of your choice and add a door hanger. That’s it!

To add accent to your welcome mat, simply add a larger piece of the check fabric underneath the mat. Some people add a piece of additional solid-colored fabric to give a multi-layered look. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a Buffalo check welcome sign. These can easily be painted by hand using black and white paint and wooden cutout letters to spell “welcome,” “hey y’all,” or another welcome note of your choice.

Use the pattern for accent pieces.

Buffalo check pillows can easily and quickly add a visual touch to your living room couches and chairs. Consider pairing them with other solid-colored pillows and a few with cute words. Another way to use them as accents is by using the pattern to cover books and stacking them on a bookshelf. For this do-it-yourself project, you can pick up hard-covered books from the Dollar Store and a roll of fabric from the craft store. Measure out enough fabric to be able to fold it into the book and secure it with hot glue. There are several easy tutorials on YouTube to help with visually seeing the process.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of Buffalo check decor ideas that you can incorporate into your home. The ones above are easy and inexpensive to try and I’m excited to know which ones you’re eager to work on! If you have any ideas not mentioned above, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments. The more ideas, the better! In the meantime, check out my post about why I use wired ribbons in my wreath projects. This will come in handy if you plan on making a Buffalo plaid-inspired wreath.

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