5 Dollar Store DIY Decor Projects

We love to switch up our decor whether it’s seasonal or we just need a change in appearance, but at times it may be hard to recreate those Pinterest-worthy decor items on a budget. Here are a few project ideas using items from the Dollar Store! 

Picture Frame Lanterns

A lantern is a great home decor item on its own but gives it a little flair to fit your decor style. Have you thought about placing photos inside the glass walls? This is a great DIY to feature your favorite memories!

Wooden Clipboard Photo Collage

This is a simple project that can make a grand conversion piece in your home. Who knew using wooden clipboards from the Dollar Store could hold those treasured photos of the family. Placing several clipboards in a collage would also make a cool accent wall!

Vintage Flower Vases

From Mason jars to glass milk cartons and small cups, there are several items you can upcycle into vintage vases. A coat of paint will do the trick! Add faux flower stems and these would look lovely on a shelf in the bathroom or as an added touch on the mantel. 

Metal Planter

Metal planters are multi-purpose items that can be used in any room in the house. A fresh coat of paint and a sanding bar to give a rustic look is a simple way to bring a new style to your home. They can be used on countertops for those frequently used items or even place it outdoors on the porch for plants. 

Coffee-House Style Chalkboard

Chalkboards are the perfect addition to your home and can blend seamlessly into any theme. Before you rush into Hobby Lobby and buy a chalkboard that costs a pretty penny, let me remind you that DIY options are our favorite way to dress up the home! You can create this look using a black foam board and a white paint pen from the dollar store.

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