5 Ways to Hang A Wreath on Your Front Door by Hard Working Mom

There’s nothing more festive than hanging a wreath on your front door. It’s a great way to show your holiday spirit and welcome guests into your home.

As often as we switch out the wreath on the door to fit the holiday, it may be hard to avoid natural damage to your wreath and especially to your front door. Here are 5 ways to hang a wreath on your front door without making holes!

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks do not require holes in the door rather a glue strip to adhere to a surface. Command Strips are perfect for this! Depending on how heavy your wreath is, (most are less than 5 pounds) a device that will hold your wreath through all of the switchings out of the seasons. If you’d like to remove the hook, simply pull the glue from the bottom, and wah-lah! No removal of paint and no holes!


Instead of trying to hide the hook that hangs your wreath, opt for a hanger that is part of the decor! Knot no less than a 2.5-inch ribbon to the backside of the wreath and hang over the back of the door. Secure to the door with thumbtacks so they are not visible to guests from the exterior. This of course depends on the type of door you have. 

Magnetic Hook

Again, the type of door you have is important when deciding how you will hang the wreath. You obviously can’t hang a metal hook on a wood door…But this is a great option for a metal door. Use the ribbon method like above but instead, tie the ribbon to this hook!

Wreath Hanger

If you are trying to avoid any holes at all costs a wreath hanger is very useful. If you decide to go this route, be sure to get an adjustable one so that you can alter the placement of the wreath on your door. 

A hanger can be a little bulky when it comes to your door shutting fully so the thinner the better!

Clear Hook

If you have a beautiful decorative door with glass detailing, even a pretty ribbon may be too distracting. You may want to opt for a clear hook or suction cup to hang your wreath. Arranging the mesh or greenery over a clear hook or suction cup will help to conceal it. Also, be mindful of how heavy your wreath is and the weight restrictions when it comes to the hook.

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