6 Fall Mantel Decor Ideas Using Dollar Tree Supplies

6 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas Using Dollar Tree Supplies

Don’t worry about how to decorate your mantel this fall season because we have some of the best fall mantel décor ideas that use Dollar Tree supplies. Not only are these ideas inspiring but they’re also budget-friendly. 

6 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas Using Dollar Tree Supplies

Mantels often have limited space to work with so figuring out how to decorate it for each season can be tough. Take the guesswork out of how you’ll decorate your mantel space with these ideas.

Festive Fall Display

This creative idea uses a gold frame, twine, burlap ribbon, faux pumpkins, and letter stickers. You’ll also need a hot glue gun and glue sticks. The back of the frame will be removed and used as a border for a burlap pennant flag banner. The pumpkins will be decorated with letters that when put together spell FALL. This is a quick and festive way to add a touch of fall to your mantel.

Autumn Wine Glass Candleholders

Depending on where you live, it still may be too warm to light up the fireplace and use its natural light to enhance a room. Thanks to these super cute and easy candleholders made from wine glasses, you can add subtle light in an inexpensive way. First, decide how many you’d like to make. This will depend on the length of your mantel.

Once you’ve decided how many you want to make, pick up some fall garland, mini pinecones and pumpkins, as well as berries and other embellishments (optional). Then, choose the color candles you’d like to use. These will also add a smell to the room too! Assemble your candleholders, place them on your mantel, and you’re all set!

Burlap Wrapped Floral Arrangements

This autumn style mantel idea is one that can be reused and recycled depending on your decor preferences. Start with the tall cylinder-shaped glass vases and fill them three-fourths of the way with stones. Add a combination of fall floral arrangements and finish it off with a burlap bow. These are also perfect for dining room table centerpieces.

Faux Pumpkin Display

Orange foam pumpkins are transformed into beautiful white pumpkins with a fall foliage top. All you need are the pumpkins, white acrylic paint, and faux fall foliage. You’ll also need a paint brush and sharp serrated knife, both of which you may already have on hand. You can also do this with pumpkins of different sizes which will add depth to your overall mantel decor.

 Autumn Style Picture Frames

There are several ways to turn ordinary picture frames into fall festive decor. One idea is to purchase a brown border picture frame that easily have things glued to it. If you can, collect small acorns from your yard or purchase a bag of them from your local craft store. Glue these around the frame and add your favorite family photo. That’s it! See this idea here.

If you have some leaves leftover from your fall eaf garland, use those to create framed fall leaves art. Choose colored leaves of your choice and picture frames that will match your decor style. Use a white piece of construction paper for the background, tape the leaf on front, and assemble the picture frame. Easy peasy! This idea can be found here.

DIY Fall Chalkboard Sign

Easily welcome your guests with a do-it-yourself fall-embellished chalkboard sign. Everything you need can be purchased from the Dollar Tree and easily assembled to make a reusable sign. A few supplies you’ll need are a silver tray, chalkboard, fall flowers and foliage, pinecones, and pumpkins. Hot glue keeps everything together and the way you decorate it will surely turn your guests heads!

Final Thoughts

Decorating for the autumn season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. These Dollar Tree ideas are sure to encourage you to think and decorate outside the box all while saving money at the same time. Which of these styles are you most excited about trying? Let us know in the comments below. And in the meantime…

Psst… while you’re decorating your mantel, don’t forget to give your front porch a fall makeover too! And if you plan on having a party, here are a few creative and fun fall party ideas!

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