7 Thanksgiving Crafts to do with Kids

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a homeschooling mom, this roundup of Thanksgiving crafts to do with kids will keep your kiddos busy during fall break. You’ll also end up with crafts that can be used for decor. It’s a win-win! Don’t forget to bookmark this post and pin it to your favorite Pinterest board for kids’ crafts.

7 Thanksgiving Crafts to do with Kids

These Thanksgiving craft ideas are a fun, inexpensive way to celebrate the season while giving your kids something to do to fight fall break boredom. They can also be used to teach gratitude, the history of Thanksgiving, and more!

Thankful Pumpkin Craft

If you have a preschooler or young learner, this Thanksgiving craft is the perfect way to teach them about being thankful. All you need are a few strips of orange paper, a permanent marker, and some tape or a stapler. Ask your child to talk about things they are thankful for and write down what they say on the strips.

Next, assemble the strips in a way that creates a pumpkin, add a green leaf, and attach with tape or staples. This is an activity that you can do several times to create a patch of thankful pumpkins that can be used for table decor.

Thanksgiving Postcards

You can either buy blank cardstock postcards or make your own. On the front side (the side without the lines), you can have your little color and decorate it. Older kids can create actual Thanksgiving-themed cutouts like turkeys, pumpkins, pies, etc. to put on the front. If your kids are making the postcards from scratch, don’t forget to have them draw a horizontal line to separate the greeting side from the mailing side and the three lines for the address.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

This is a craft you can do with the entire family. It’s best to assemble it before November 1 so you can have almost a full month of counting down. You’ll need little brown envelopes, twine, mini clothespins, small strips of colored paper, and a permanent marker.

Write numbers on the envelope that correspond with how many days there will be until Thanksgiving. Then, attach them to the twine that can be hung on the door, refrigerator, or a space on a wall. Each day, have every family write something they are thankful for on one of the colored strips and place it in the envelope of the day.

When Thanksgiving comes, set aside time to read all of the thankful strips. It’s sure to make you laugh, cry, and build long-lasting memories at the same time.

Create a Thankful Board

You can use a bulletin board or a poster board to do this craft. If you have multiple kiddos (and depending on their age), you can supply them each with their own board. It can also be something your family does together on one big board. Regardless of which route you plan to take, give everyone a variety of things for decorating.

Think collage-style supplies like magazines, newspapers, markers, coloring pencils, and the like. The idea is to capture things you and your family are grateful for while cherishing the Thanksgiving season.

Thankfulness Jars

Grab your old mason jars (or any jars you have on hand) and let your kids decorate them. They can use acrylic paints, spray paint, hot glue embellishments like stones and gems, or whatever their particular style is. Once the jars are decorated, invite them to add thankful notes each day.

Bake & Decorate Thanksgiving Cookies

This Thanksgiving craft is one you’ll be able to eat once it’s complete. Bake up a batch (or two) of some yummy sugar cookies and let your kids have a decorating good time. You can also purchase Thanksgiving-themed cookie cutters to add to the overall design. Consider having a decorating contest and awarding the winner with an extra cookie.

Thankful Stones

Stone painting and writing have become increasingly popular and it’s certainly a good craft idea for kids. Take it an extra step further and go on a nature walk to gather the stones. Then, use paint pens or acrylic markers to write words of gratitude on the stones. They can then be used for cute decor for the season.

Final Thoughts

These Thanksgiving crafts to do with kids are sure to keep you and your kids busy during the holiday season. What are some crafts you plan to do with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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