Valentine Craft Ideas for Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a fun craft or two, which is why I wanted to share a few Valentine’s Craft Ideas for Adults. These are perfect to do if you want to have a little downtime to do something relaxing or if you run a craft group and need some ideas for your next gathering. Regardless, these ideas will also inspire you to create a unique decor that can be used to decorate for Valentine’s season.

Valentine Craft Ideas for Adults

Conversation Heart Valentine Votives (The Soccer Mom Blog)

These are so easy to make and don’t cost much at all. In fact, everything you need can be found at Dollar Tree. Gather glass vases, votive candles, several boxes of conversation hearts, twine or ribbon, and felt heart stickers for embellishing. Wrap twine around the vase and fix on any stickers or other embellishments. Then, pour enough hearts into the vase to fill about a third of the way and push a votive candle down into the center. And you’re done! These can be used as party decorations or teacher’s gifts.

Valentine Card Display (Design Improvised)

The most unique thing about this craft project is its versatility. It can be used to showcase cards you get for Valentine’s Day, pictures, notes, or anything else you want hung up and seen. Chicken wire frame, heart buttons, and a few other supplies you already have on hand are all that’s needed to pull this craft off.

Hoop and Wood Round Valentine Wreath (Lydi Out Loud)

Hoops, wood rounds, and spring flowers – oh my! This Valentine-inspired wreath combines the best of all the craft worlds. It features a large hoop, four small wood rounds (or wood slices), and your choice of spring-like flowers and greenery. Lydi uses XOXO stickers on the wood slices, but you can use sticker, paint markers, or your Cricut machine to make the letters. This is a simple craft that turns out beautifully.

Driftwood Heart Art (Simplicity in the South)

Any art made with driftwood is always beautiful and unique. This Valentine craft features small driftwood pieces that are glued onto a cardboard heart cutout and then used to decorate any space in your home. It would pair perfectly alongside books on a bookshelf or hung up on a wall.

Pinecone Rose Bouquet (Sustain My Craft Habit)

It’s a genius idea to use pinecones to create a lovely flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Their shape make it ideal for painting different colors (think pink, red, and white) and attaching to sticks to create a “flower.” In the tutorial for this project, you’ll learn how to make one of these pretty bouquets in no time. Use them as a centerpiece or gift them to a friend.

No-Sew Valentine Garland (Kippi at Home)

The reason I mentioned no sewing is required is that this garland is made with fabric, felt, and webbing flags. Typically, a sewing machine would be ideal for attaching pieces together; however, for this particular project, you will use hot glue. This is a craft project you and your crafting buddies are sure to love.

Yarn-Wrapped Love Letters (A Home to Grow Old In)

All that’s needed for this craft are large and thick letters that spell out the word LOVE and different colored yarn. Since this would be for Valentine’s Day, the most ideal colored yarn to get would be pink, red, and white. Of course, you can also throw in purple and any other color you want. Each letter is wrapped with the yarn until completely covered, then they’re ready to set up wherever you want them seen.

Tips for Crafting with a Group

If you choose to do some of these projects with your craft group, keep these tips in mind:

  • Appoint a few people to bring certain supplies that everyone can use.
  • Split the cost by taking up a donation toward the items needed or have people volunteer to purchase a particular item for everyone.
  • Set aside plenty of time for crafting, conversing, and snacking. 
  • Decide beforehand what craft you want to do, and how many, and get a headcount for how many will be in attendance.
  • Have fun!

Final Thoughts

These Valentine’s crafts ideas for adults are quick, easy, and great for having a crafting good time with your friends. Which ones are you most excited about trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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