Best Christmas in July Crafts to Try Right Now

Best Christmas in July Crafts to Try Right Now

If celebrating Christmas in July is on your radar this year, here are some of the best Christmas in July crafts to try right now. These ideas are fun, family-friendly, and inexpensive to make. In fact, many of these projects will use supplies you most likely already have on hand.

Best Christmas in July Crafts to Try Right Now

These craft ideas can be used to decorate your home for Christmas in July and for the actual holiday season in December. Be sure to hang on to them and reuse them when the time comes.

Twig Start Ornaments (Happy Hooligans)

Head outdoors with the kiddos and pick up lots of sticks. These will be broken and used to make star ornaments and secured together with raffia and hot glue. You could also use yarn for this project if that’s something you already have on hand.

Pipe Cleaner Icicles

For this project all you’ll need are silver metallic pipe cleaners, different colored (pony) beads, and twine (or thread). If you have slightly younger kids, this is a good craft to help with their small motor skills. The finished product are colorful and sparkly icicles that can hang on the tree.

Seashell Wreath

Although you’d be celebrating Christmas in July, you can incorporate both the holiday and the actual season into one by making a seashell wreath. The next time you’re at the Dollar Tree, pick up a styrofoam wreath form and several packages of seashells. Simply hot glue them to the wreath form and you’ll have a quick and easy do-it-yourself seashell wreath.

Christmas Book Stack (The Stress-Free Christmas)

This craft uses old books painted white, stamped with a Christmas saying, and wrapped in red buffalo check ribbon. Finish it off with a sprig of mistletoe and then use it to decorate a bookshelf or table space in your home.

Flip Flip Garland (Cutefetti)

This super cute and easy-to-make garland is another way to decorate your Christmas in July tree but with a summer twist. Depending on the size of your tree, you can go with the tutorial as is, or upgrade your flip flop garland to using kid-sized flip flops. Either way, this is a craft that everyone will enjoy.

Terracotta Pot Gingerbread Houses (Projects with Kids)

Everyone always looks forward to making gingerbread houses during Christmastime, right? Since you may not be able to find these kits just yet, do a spin off using mini terracotta post that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. Purchase one for each family member and provide them with acrylic paint and paint brushes. Have everyone decorate their gingerbread “houses” and then use them for decor.

Christmas in July Lego Crafts

If your kiddos have tons of Legos, challenge them to see what they can create that’s Christmas-themed. There’s many things they could probably do from trees to candy canes, but let their creative juices flow and see what they come up with. It may just surprise you. Another idea is to put a few suggestions in a bowl and have them draw from it. Whatever they draw, they have to try and create.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

Hang on to your extra toilet paper rolls to turn into snowmen. All you need are toilet paper rolls and white, orange, and black acrylic paint. Start by painting the entire roll white. Allow it to dry before painting on the eyes, carrot nose, and black buttons. You can also add a painted scarf on it. Use twine or string to hang them on a tree or string like garland.

Salt Dough Christmas Garland

This is one of our own crafts that is sure to be a hit with the kids. You will use kitchen staples like flour, salt, and water, along with cookie cutters, twine, and paint. This is one project that you can get pretty creative with and use a number of different ways. From garland on a tree to decorating above a fireplace, this garland is sure to stand out!

Final Thoughts

These Christmas in July crafts are sure to keep your kiddos busy during one of the hottest times of the year all while building memories in the meantime. Do you typically do any crafts to celebrate Christmas in July? Share some of your ideas in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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