Decorating Ideas for a Country Themed Living Room

When decorating a home with a country-themed living room, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, a country theme can provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Below are a few ideas that can be used to create a country theme in your living room space.

Decorating Ideas for a Country Themed Living Room

Deer Antler Chandelier

A great way to bring a rustic look into a living room is to use a deer antler chandelier for the lighting. It can create an attractive and unique centerpiece for a room, and a variety of companies produce these. They are typically made from naturally shed deer antler, and therefore the animal is not hurt in the making of the chandelier. 

They can be appropriate for any living room but size will matter. With larger chandeliers being made from elk and moose horns, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space. Smaller chandeliers are made from smaller deer species such as whitetail and mule deer and won’t take up much space at all. 

Deer antler chandeliers can be an excellent focal point for a room and are a great talking point for anyone who visits. They bring a rural feel into a room and are a good idea for a country-themed living room.

Wooden Furniture

Sturdy wood furniture tends to be the style that has the best country feel. A wooden display cabinet can be a good item to choose from as it can be used to show a range of country-themed items, from earthenware pots to baskets, large candles, and other items. A chunky wooden dresser can be another good item of furniture to create a country feel, and these are attractive pieces of furniture and provide a good top surface for displaying a range of items.

Most country-style living room furniture will be wooden, with soft padded furnishings and cushions. For a neat touch, choose furniture which is antique and upholstered with brass tacks running down the sides or items in leather or suede. As many country cottages are old, they also tend to be small. If your theme isn’t following a modern style, consider purchasing small, finely turned pieces of furniture that are easy to move around, cozy, and beautifully made.


There are a range of rugs that can provide a living room with a rural appearance, and these can be a good choice, especially if you have wooden floors. However, they are also effective on top of a plain carpet, and a good choice can be braided area rugs. These are a traditional style that has been used for hundreds of years and are produced by intertwining strips of fabric. 

Many of these rugs come in a single color or multi-color, and the chunky style that is created has a nice country feel to it. Other rugs come already made with a country pattern, such as farm animals or fruit. These can look attractive in the center of a living room with the furniture arranged around them.

Wall Hangings

There are a few different ideas for decorating walls to create a country appearance. Pictures of country scenery can be a good idea, and there are a variety of prints and paintings that can be used for this. 

A hanging tapestry or quilt can be another good idea, and these can bring a rustic appeal to a living room. There are a number of country-style wall clocks that can be used, and those with a country-themed face, wood surround, or hanging pendulum can provide a good rural look.


There are a range of accessories that can create a country feel for a living room. Big vases with dried flowers or grass arrangements can be a good idea. While some are big enough to be placed on the floor, smaller vases can be placed on dressers. 

Hand-made pottery can be another good idea, and accessories such as copper pots, jugs, and plates can also be attractive country pieces. Baskets are another country-style accessory, and these can be filled with real or decorative fruit and placed on a cabinet or dresser.

Final Thoughts

Bringing the country into your home can be a good style to choose and easy to do. There are various ideas that can be used to produce a country look, and those suggested above are just a few to consider trying in your living room. The country style provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for a living room, and for this reason, it can be a good choice to make.

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