Decorating Your Office on a Budget

Whether you have an office space in your home or in a building space downtown, decorating your office on a budget and creating a functional space you love is doable. Skip hiring a professional office designer and my tried and true decorating tips.

Decorating Your Office on a Budget

Decorating your office is a lot different than any other room in your home or office building. This space needs to be fully functional and meet the needs of your business or hobby. For this reason, I recommend starting with some type of vision board, inspiration board, or design board. The sole purpose of creating one of these is to nail down exactly what you’d like your space to look like and help with getting the things you need to make it happen. 

Once you’ve gotten an idea of what you want your office to look like, it’s time to create a budget. Office decor and furniture can often be on the more expensive end, but not if you know where to look and how to improvise. Grab your plans, set a budget, and let’s get decorating!

Find Affordable Furniture

Take into consideration how much office space you have before picking the pieces you want to put in there. This may seem like a step that can be skipped, but if you are working with a small space, you may want to go the extra mile and write down the dimensions of the room. Then, while searching for furniture, pay close attention to the dimensions of the pieces you’d like to put in there. 

Even the smallest of offices can have at minimum a desk and a chair. If you have time, search places like Craigslist and yard sale groups on Facebook to find specific pieces. If your budget allows, check with IKEA and/or Office Max.

Don’t Forget Furniture Accessories

Including buying furniture also furniture accessories such as rolling storage carts, a printer and fax machine table (or cart), a bookcase and bookshelves, a file cabinet, a desk chair, curtain rods, etc. Since these items will be taking up space, don’t neglect to include them in your plans.

These items can also be very versatile in nature, especially for an office. For example, if you find the right cart, you can store your printer, fax machine, and any other like gadgets all in one space. Bookcases are another versatile accessory that can be used to hold much more than books. Consider including baskets and bins to keep other office items nice and organized.

Use the Wall Space

Save yourself a lot of floor space by utilizing the space on the walls. You can use pegboards as an ideal storage solution for small items like office supplies, printer paper, and lightweight folders. For heavier items like binders, books, and baskets, consider installing a section of floating shelves. These ideas also serve as office decor just as much as their functionality.

Accessorize Your Office on a Dime

Thanks to the ever-growing selections at Dollar Tree, you can land some pretty amazing office accessories that match just about any style. There are also tons of do-it-yourself decor projects that use Dollar Tree items to create new things. Here are a few to give you some ideas:

Add the Final Decorative Touches

Finish up your office space by adding any remaining decorative touches. This can be wall art, a throw rug for the floor, succulent plants (real or faux), and anything else that serves the purpose of making your office look cute. Hobby Lobby is one of the most popular places for these items and oftentimes you can find great selections marked half off.

Don’t forget to grab a clock, wall (or desk) calendar, and stock your desk with writing supplies and whatever else you need for your business or hobby.

Final Thoughts

These tips and suggestions are sure to help you decorate your office on a budget all while creating a space you are happy with. Keep in mind that you can always change things up, refurbish old pieces, and recycle others. And don’t forget to check your local thrift stores and antique shops. You’ll be surprised by what you may find.

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