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Different Types of Wreath Frames and How to Make Your Own with Dollar Tree Supplies

This video tutorial will review the different types of wreath frames available and show you how to make your own with dollar tree supplies.

Did you know there are a multitude of frames and shapes available in addition to the basic circle? Ever wonder how some frames pack so much punch with dimension and pizzazz? The secret sauce may simply start with a good base!

Enjoy this short video discussing the different types of wreath frames and how to make your own work wreath. Written below is a play-by-play detailing the discussion with helpful links and video timestamps.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Different frames discussed are as follows:

  • Dollar Tree frames
  • Raised frames
  • Flat frames
  • Shaped flat frames
  • Work wreath forms
  • Rail work forms
  • Shaped work forms
  • Wreath boards

My Favorite Wreath-Making Tools:

Different Types of Wreath Frames and How to Make Your Own with Dollar Tree Supplies

Written Discussion with Video Timestamps:

Different Types of Wreath Frames

I’ve had a lot of requests on this topic. I’ll review a variety of frames with you and how to use them.

The Dollar Tree Frame

We’ll start with the Dollar Tree frame as it’s very popular at $1 each. They’re 14 inches and great for any wreath. I use these quite often, but I have to construct my own base (tutorial included below). The Dollar Tree frame is a raised frame in that the top is higher than the bottom. However, it’s a flat, raised frame. The top two rings lay flush, giving it a flat top.

Raised Frames

The Dollar Tree frame differs from a true raised frame in that on a true raised frame, each level, or ring, is higher than the last. The raised frames come in a variety of sizes, even small ones that are great for making ears or doing dog wreaths, etc. [1:52]. Raised frames give a wreath a fuller, 3-dimensional appearance as compared to a flat frame. If you want fullness and that 3-dimensional WOW factor, then raised frames are the way to go.

Flat Frames

Next are the flat frames found at most retail craft stores [2:10]. These are great if you want to build a wreath using small flowers. You won’t have dimension as you would with a raised frame, but they are great for small flat wreaths.

Then we have flat frames available in several shapes. Shown here is a heart-shaped flat wreath also available at retail craft stores [3:00]. You can also find larger 18″ round frames [3:06]. Again, these flat frames will not be as full and 3-dimensional as a raised frame.  

Work Wreath Forms

The next type of frame that I have is a 15-inch Work Wreath Frame (or Work Form). Work wreath frames come with ties already attached [3:40]. Sometimes when shopping for a work wreath, it’ll be advertised as a 24-inch work frame. The reason is because by the time you add your mesh, it becomes a 24-inch frame. This particular one is referred to as a Pencil Work Form because the ties are very thin. To find these types of wreaths, you’ll have to shop at places such as Deco Exchange, Trendy Tree, The Wreath Shop, etc.

Next is the work wreath with thicker ties [4:57]. I like to work with these best. You get the raised frame and the ties already evenly spaced.

Note that you can also find work wreaths with flat frames [5:50]. These are better for projects where you don’t want a lot of height or dimension.

Next is a work wreath that mimics the look of an evergreen wreath [6:07]. These bases have thicker ties, and a whole lot more ties added to the wreath for fullness!

If you’re beginning to like the idea of having the ties already attached, you’ll be delighted to know that work frames are available on a variety of shaped frames. The next example I have for you is the Rail Work Wreath [6:50]. Rail work wreaths can be used to create beautiful centerpieces, or to create decor for your mailbox. They are flexible and bendable.

I also have a bunny-shaped work form with ties already attached [7:05]. There are tons of other work form shapes available such as hearts, stars, Santa hats, horses, support ribbons, witches hats…

Wreath Boards

The last type of frame I want to show you are wreath boards that come in a variety of shapes. These are made to be used with zip ties. You can order these online at Amazon, Trendy Tree, or Unique in the Creek.

How to Make a Dollar Tree Frame

I have lots of videos showing you how to use several of these frames.  Today, I want to show you how to take the dollar tree frame and use pipe cleaners to make your base.

Start with your 14″ Dollar Tree frame. Select your coordinating color for the pipe cleaners. Decide on the spacing of the ties around the frame. I like to start my first tie at the bottom by the crossbar [8:40]. A good idea is to twist the pipe cleaner tightly around two of the outermost levels. To decide where to start the next tie, lay our first tie down. Where it ends is where you want the next tie to be attached, usually about 4 inches. Make sure you wrap the pipe cleaners tightly. I added 10 pipe cleaners, evenly spaced, to the outermost rings of this particular Dollar Tree frame.

For the inner rings, you’ll tie the pipe cleaner around the inner two rings tightly. Space the inner pipe cleaners evenly between the outer ring ties. You should have 8 ties total on the inner ring. Once completed, you’ll see that it’s similar to buying the pre-made work forms, but less expensive [14:50]!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For examples and tutorials on how to make a variety of wreaths, check out my YouTube Channel: Hardworking Mom.

Bonus News: I now have a channel on Roku! Check out Hard Working Mom on your Roku streaming tv. If you have a Roku, please check it out and tell me what you think!!!

I hope this has given you guidance on what different types of wreaths there are and how you can make your own wreath for less! Share with me your crafty dollar tree creations! I’d love to hear from you. My social links are posted below.

Until next time,

❤ Lori

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