Success Path

Lori Jacobs Success Path

Take a step to walk into your dream of having your own successful business.

Have you scoured the web and wasted time trying to find answers to help you? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated?

I felt the same way and spent a lot of time and money looking for my answers. I discovered a lot in my journey and learned that, the Entrepreneur is always changing, expanding and growing.  I continue to learn new things about running a business every day!

I am ready and excited to teach you everything I have learned and continue to learn. I want to save you the frustration i went through.

Learn how I went from zero followers to over 100,000 on Facebook. How I gained 40,000 Subscribers on YouTube with over 3.6 million views on my channel. Learn how I grew my Pinterest to over 1,400,000 views a month. I have had great success and you can too.

Using a private Inner Circle Facebook Group I will deliver detailed training each month about topics that will help you grow your business and achieve your dreams. Training is very detailed and easy to follow. Learn to implement strategies to propel your business forward.

The Success Path will provide a community of others that share your Entrepreneur spirit. You will get monthly training with videos and  written instructions that you can reference at any time and print out to keep. We have a weekly Q&A session where we give guidance and help with answers to your struggles. You will get  plenty of personal attention!

We will share your Facebook lives on our page with over 100,000 followers and feature your YouTube channel so you can grow your following just like I did.

The topics we will cover will include, but is not limited too - Business setup and tax guidance, Getting Followers on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest plus others,  Facebook Business Page optimization, Facebook Ads, Etsy, Email Lists, Pinterest, Blogging, and many more!!

So… If you’re ready… I’m ready to open my doors and invite you to join me in the group and let’s focus our efforts on growth and profits this year – leave that unfulfilled life behind and become an Entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell and market your products and services then you are in the right place and you should join our Success Path group where we help you attain your dream of being an Entrepreneurs for $19.95 a month. (That is less than a dollar a day! Less than a cup of coffee!)

(Membership includes access to all our Success Path training)

Success Path

$27.00 a month

add the design group for $18.00 monthly.

Have you always wanted to own your business or have a business but need to grow? Do you know where to start? Opening a business can be scary and overwhelming. Find clear and easy to follow guidance on how to start your business and how to grow your business. with our Inner Circle group or e-book courses.


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