Buying a gift for your dad can be a tricky task. Buying one for his dad, even more so! Our proverbial old men love quite a lot of things but what can be better than something that has a very personal touch to them. These things almost make their heart sing with joy. 

Whether you need ideas for your dad, husband, or even gifts that the kids can make, we’ve got plenty of fun DIY projects that will suit father figures.

These DIY Father’s Day gifts can serve as perfect gifts for dads alongside a Father’s Day Card (of course)!

Surprise Paper Airplane Box

Remind your dad of all those paper airplanes you made as a kid with this sweet garland idea. Place all the paper airplanes in one box and gift it to him, and wait for his reaction!

DIY Snack Tin

Make both the snack tin and some snacks. Go with something that your father loves to eat and place them all in one beautifully decorated snack tin.

Bottle Tags

Build a six-pack of his favorite beers and print off some cute tags for a personalized touch. Hang them around the bottle or on top, with something along the line “To the world’s greatest DAD” or whatever you feel like!

DIY Canvas Tool Apron

If your dad loves to fix things and work around the house, a tool apron is the perfect DIY gift to present him for Father’s Day. Make him an apron and add a personalized touch to it by having his name crafted.

Tea Gift Box

If your father loves tea get him a basket. Add a tea towel and some biscuits and packets of tea. Make the most sophisticated tea gift basket. Include a bag of pancake mixa jar of fresh jam, ripe apples, and loose-leaf tea for a gift that’s as delicious as it is nice to look at.

Sandwich Cookies

All it takes is a roll of twine, a small box, and a bit of parchment paper to make homemade cookies into a gift fit for the greatest dad. Or you could go for your special recipe that your father loves.

Stamped Leather Tie Clip

Customize his tie clip with your dad’s initials, lucky number, or any word that describes him best.

Leather Keychain

There’s no way your dad will lose his keys when he has a unique keychain that you created with all the love you have to offer.

Golf Headcover

A cool retro headcover gets dads as excited as ever to hit the links come springtime.

Bottle Opener Game

Get your dad a two-in-one gift bottle opener and a fun activity that he can proudly display in his man cave.

Grill Scraper

Not only does a DIY scraper look neat, but it’s also a safer cleaning option than a brush since grill brushes can leave behind bristles that can be ingested and cause health problems.

No matter what you select or go with, your father is going to love it, because ultimately it is the thought that counts. We may never be able to return them the love and support they have provided us, but this little gesture can certainly be a way of saying, Hey Dad, Thanks for being there!

Happy Father’s Day!

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