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Summer is the best time for a family filled activities and parties. There is no doubt that the warm weather is the perfect time for guests to visit. You have to ensure that your home feels welcoming to everybody and a summer wreath works best in this aspect. The best thing about these simple decorative ornament is that you can combine them with other summer crafts and give a great indoor/outdoor look. 

You have the availability of various summer designs ranging from sea-themed wreaths to beachy or brightly colored options. If you want to add spice to your home decoration, we have some DIY ideas to add to the wreath collection.

Wreath Decoration Ideas

  • Pink Strawflower Wreath

While the wreath looks best with green leaves, you can add your touch using pink strawflowers instead of leaves. This small change will feature pretty shades of pink and burgundy. You can use dried strawflowers, statice and globe amaranth. 

  • Wooden Bucket Wreath

Change your ways from traditional round designs of a wreath and use a wooden bucket for the same purpose. Fill the bucket with fresh blooms and flowers from the garden and switch them all for the entire season. Hang the bucket on the door or above the fireplace mantle. You can make the flowers make a statement by padding the bucket with layers of paper towels and topi it with floral foam.

  • Sun Hat Wreath

If you want to stick to the traditional style of wreaths but seek a new look for the decoration, then use an old summer hat for the purpose. The summer hat will give the conventional circle design by attaching various faux flows along the line, leaving some space to add a sunny greeting, and using a ribbon or any other decorative item on the headpiece to complete the design. Choose a hat and flowers that complement the color of your front door or garden. Inexpensive hats from dollar stores will work best, and you can make multiple designs for different rooms. 

  • Coastal Wreath

Collect dried sticks from your yard or nearby park to make a wreath that gives a coastal vibe. Use various external design ornaments such as beads and ribbons to hold the sticks together within the design. We recommend using blue and white additions on the stick to give a coastal look, and the best place is to mount it above the fireplace.

  • Butterfly Wreath

You can add a touch of nature’s beauty to a wreath by adding few butterfly ornaments. It does not have to be much, as you will make additions to an already designed piece. This piece of decoration will add beauty external beauty to your porch or garden entrance. Experiment with different additions to enhance the beauty of the design. The best part is that sometimes real butterflies will perch on the ornament, enhancing the look and beauty of the wreath.  

  • Nautical Wreath

Traditionally, wreaths should be composed of flowers and green leaves. However, you can change that by introducing a completely different style and material for your décor item. You can use a nautical wheel to make a wreath by covering it with jute ropes and detailing with anchors and seashell garland. This DIY creation will give an excellent detail to your door and make others feel welcomed with the unique look.

Final Word

The above-mentioned DIY ideas for summer wreath decoration are only some of the concepts we have for you. You have an endless imagination that you can apply to make various designs work for your ornamental decoration.

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