Easy DIY Lemonade Sign Ideas

These easy DIY lemonade sign ideas are perfect for summer birthday parties, get-togethers, or if you have kiddos who are looking to sell lemonade and make a few extra bucks. They are inexpensive and creative craft projects that will be fun to make and easy to do.

Easy DIY Lemonade Sign Ideas

Colorful Paper Fans (The Nerd’s Wife)

This idea of using colorful paper fans is sure to bring attention to your lemonade stand – all without having to say a word. The Nerd’s Wife went with bold purples and yellows, but you can use any color you’d like. Easily turn these into a readable sign by printing and attaching the words “lemonade stand” to the paper fans.

Painted Wooden Letters (My Simple Obsession)

For starters, you’ll need a slab of wood to serve as the overall sign. To create the sign, pick up some wooden letters from your local craft store to spell the word “lemonade.” There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from; however, you’ll want the sign to stand out. So be sure to use letters that are on the larger side, at least 4” or larger. 

Paint the letters any color of your choice and hot glue them to the plank of wood. Keep in the mind the bolder the colors, the more attention your lemonade stand will get.

Green Paper Bag Lemonade Sign (Design N Dazzle)

The next time you’re at Michael’s, pick up a pack of green paper bags. If you’d like to go an even more frugal route, you can use regular brown paper bags and paint them green. Then, using yellow paint, paint a letter on each bag until you get the word “lemonade” spelled out. Add some glitter to the wet paint (optional) and use yellow and white ribbon to make bows for attaching to the ends of the word. Then hang. Easy peasy!

Paper Letter Lemonade Garland Sign (The Cake Blog)

For this lemonade sign idea, you’ll need to have a Cricut or some type of paper cutting machine. Pick your font, size, and paper color and you’re all set. Once the letters have been cut, string them onto a piece of thread, ribbon, or small jute cord and hang it on your stand. All done!

Printable Lemonade Signs (Over the Big Moon)

Pam from Over the Big Moon has four free printable signs to spruce up your lemonade stand. In just one click, you’ll have access to printable lemonade, arrows, cupcakes, and cookie signs. Put them in picture frames (to protect them from the weather) or hang them as is. Either way, they’ll make a cute addition to your stand.

Scrap Wood Lemonade Sign (Dear Lillie)

Grab a piece of scrap wood, some stain, and a chalkboard marker to create this scrap wood lemonade sign. All you have to do to recreate this sign is choose the size of scrap wood you’d like to use. Apply a coat of stain and wipe off any excess. Allow it to dry before writing the word “lemonade” on it.

Lemon Pizza Pan Sign (Dollar Tree)

This lemon pizza pan sign can easily be tweaked and turned into a sign for your lemonade sign. Once you’ve followed the tutorial, instead of writing “hello” on it, write “lemonade” and place it on your stand using a picture frame holder.

Lemon Paper Cutout Lemonade Sign (Tikkido)

There are a few ways you can approach recreating this sign. Start by purchasing a pack of lemon paper cutouts and some ribbon (green, yellow, or white will do). Then, you can either find pre-cutout letters to glue onto the lemons or use a Cricut machine to create some. Be sure to use a contrasting color so the letters pop. Green, white, or a combo with a design would be adorable!

Final Thoughts

These easy DIY lemonade sign ideas are sure to help you create a stand to remember. We’re excited to know which one(s) you’ll choose to do. Be sure to let us know and while you’re at it, share pictures of your finished lemonade stand with us. We’d love to see it! For more lemon-inspired ideas, check out our blog summer lemon DIY decor ideas!

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