Summer Lemon DIY Decor Ideas

Summer Lemon DIY Decor Ideas

Looking to brighten up your home decor for Summer? Check out these cute ideas to add a little zest in your life!

The sun is starting to come out of hiding and the warm breeze is blowing in…Summer is around the corner!

With the change of season, you’re likely getting ready to switch up your home decor. Your interior decor adds character to your house, and a creative theme helps guests to feel warm and welcomed. While we enjoy a good change, it’s no fun to use last Summer’s theme. 

Theme specific items may cost you a good penny so we have rounded up a few sweet ideas to transform your pastel nest into a fresh and fun living space!

Farmhouse Lemonade Sign

Whether you are adding an extra flair to your house or filling a gap on your mantle, signs are a great addition. Find a cute tea towel that fits your style and glue it into a simple wooden frame for a rustic look. You can find these items here.

Lemon Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows can add a splash of color to any household.

I found lemon-themed placemats at Dollar Tree and folded them over to create the perfect accent piece! 

Summer Lemon Garland

There may be a few areas in your home where no decor you choose looks fitting. A garland is a flexible and eye-catching item to add to shelves or storage containers. Scrap fabric and ribbon from my favorite shop are ideal for this project!

Lemons and Floral Centerpiece

We love adding a trendy centerpiece to a bland table!

Choose a beautiful yellow wall bucket or get artistic and paint a plain wooden bucket. Find lemon limbs as well as other floral pieces here. A small slab of styrofoam will need to be placed in the bottom of the bucket to hold the limbs in place. Complete the centerpiece by tying burlap and plaid ribbon pieces around your bucket. Find these items here.

Find more DIY ideas on The Hardworking Mom YouTube channel!


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