7 Farmhouse Spring Porch Ideas

These Farmhouse Spring Porch Ideas are simply stunning and they are perfect to keep up through the summer months too. Get ready to be inspired to design a front porch you’ll be ready to enjoy for alone time or with friends and family.

7 Farmhouse Spring Porch Ideas

When looking at the following ideas, keep in mind that they’re for inspiration. You can mix and match styles and most likely find similar items at local thrift stores or online yard sale groups. Keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with as well as your own design preferences.

Wood and Pales Front Porch Idea (Little Farmstead)

Metal pales and buckets combined with wood pieces like a ladder, rustic chair, and pallet table create a welcoming porch space. I love how Julie used a lot of your table and chair space for spring flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always go with faux flowers; however, herbs and vines are some of the easiest real flowers to grow (and keep alive) in the spring. Julie topped off her look with throw pillows of varying designs and sizes.

Small Space Farmhouse Porch (A Hundred Affections)

When you have a small space to work with, every item you choose matters. A Hundred Affections shows us how it’s done with her small porch space. She used a narrow table that was painted white with a rustic touch applied. Then, she used an old window pane as the back but also to hang a small floral wreath. In the additional space, she used porcelain milk jugs and tin vases stuff with a variety of spring flowers.

A Simple Modern Farmhouse Porch (Jenna Sue Design)

Watering cans, galvanized buckets, burlap, and a chalkboard all scream modern farmhouse and they don’t cost a lot to purchase. Most of it can be found at your local Dollar Tree or thrift store. Jenna opted in for using these items in addition to wood logs, an old wood chair, and a wooden flower box along with lanterns and white candles. The colors go perfectly together and no one thing takes up too much space.

Classic Farmhouse Spring Porch (Cottage in the Oaks)

What makes this farmhouse front porch a classic is the use of wooden crates (as a table), a wooden flower box (ladder style), and all the flowers. I love how Cottage in the Oaks used oversize glass jars and jugs in addition to a unique door hanger (rainboots). It’s the flowers that really bring everything together.

Wagons and Boots Farmhouse Porch (Becky’s Farmhouse)

What I loved most about this look is the use of an old school wagon paired with rain boots. I also like how everything was used as a planter in some way and the flower choices were genius. She used flowers like lavender and other herbs, which are easy to maintain and spread nicely. It’s the perfect way to add a farmhouse appeal to your porch and get edible use from the things grown.

Country Farmhouse Porch with a Boho Twist (The DIY Mommy)

This front porch idea takes the farmhouse theme to a new level by adding color from lilacs, a vibrant porch rug, and color-matching throw pillows. The DIY Mommy combined purple and turquoise blue with brown furniture and a galvanized pale touch. It’s the perfect farmhouse and boho theme combo.

Country and Vintage Farmhouse Theme (Laurie Anna’s)

The makeover of this entire porch is what made me love it so much. Laurie repainted the ceiling area to brighten it up and added just a few rustic furniture pieces that really bring everything together. She also added an oversized game of dominoes along with brown baskets and galvanized buckets filled with green herbs and shrubs.

Final Thoughts

There is so much you can do with the farmhouse theme. Whether you want to stick with the classic neutral color palette or push the limits by adding splashes of color, you can do so in a chic way. The ideas above give you plenty of inspiration of what can be done with a few things or a lot of things. The choice is yours! Which look stood out to you most? Let me know in the comments below!

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