Fun Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in July

Fun Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in July

Have you jumped on the bandwagon of celebrating Christmas in July? If so, we have the perfect ideas to help you make memorable moments with your family, even in the heat of the summer. 

What is Christmas in July?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this somewhat old tradition, allow us to explain what it is in the first place. Then, you can decided if it’s something you want to start doing with your family. Legends say that Christmas in July started back in 1933 at Keystone Summer Camp (in North Carolina). 

They decided to dedicate a couple of camp days to have a Christmas-like celebration filled with fake snow, a Christmas tree, gift exchange, and even a visit by Santa. By 1940, this would hit pop culture and the theaters with a movie called Christmas in July.

Fast forward to today and you now have the Hallmark Channel showing a series of Christmas movies all month long and individual families deciding to take on their own spin as well. Some stores even have specific sales during this time to help with gift shopping early. Keep reading to see how you and your family can adopt this infamous tradition too!

Fun Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in July

Although the idea is to have a Christmas celebration all month long, you can certainly make it what you want. Celebrate the whole month, one week, or even a couple of days. Regardless, the idea is to have fun while making lots of family memories.

Lightly decorate a space in your home.

You don’t have to pull out the full-sized Christmas tree or 10 boxes of lights to accomplish this idea. Instead, go for a small table-top tree and a string of party lights. Everyone can contribute to decorating the small tree by making a few homemade summer-themed ornaments that can hang on the tree.

Have the Elf on a Shelf come out to play.

Bringing back the Elf on the Shelf is a fun way to celebrate Christmas in July. He (or she) can have some summer fun sitting by the pool or popping up at family dinnertime. Not to mention, it can also help keep the kids in line for a moment.

Host a Christmas in July party.

Keep this simple with just your family or invite a few other families that are also celebrating. During partytime, you can play a few Christmas-themed games, have a gift exchange, and eat foods that are popular around Christmastime. Don’t forget the decorations!

Make Christmas crafts.

This idea has double the reward. Not only could you make a few Christmas-themed crafts that you may have had your eye on, but you can also store them away and reuse them in December when decorating for the actual holiday season. There are lots of crafts ideas floating around out there, including our salt dough Christmas garland.

Have an ugly bathing suit contest.

Similar to an ugly sweater contest, have a contest and award the ugliest bathing suit. Provide your family with some tacky supplies and let them decorate away. After a certain amount of time, have everyone show off their finished suit.

Binge watch Christmas movies.

Thanks to the Hallmark Channel, you’ll have plenty of Christmas movies to watch that are family friendly. Bake up some Christmas in July cookies, kick back, and watch a few classics. Visit their website to check out what they have on the schedule. Don’t forget to include your own Christmas favorites too!

Have a Christmas in July dance party.

We all have our favorite Christmas songs, right? Build a playlist of everyone’s favorite tunes and dance the night (or day) away. If you want to shake things up a bit, add in Christmas karaoke. You can also play games using some of the songs as well (think musical chairs, finish the verse, etc.).

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never thought about celebrating Christmas in July, we invite you to give it a try. The ideas above are a great way to start a new tradition with your family and leave long-lasting memories in the process. Do you already celebrate Christmas in July? Share what you do in the comments below!

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