How to Choose The Right Wreath for Decoration

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Wreaths are wonderfully beautiful decorative ornaments that create a warm and welcoming look on your front door. The welcoming entrance looks gorgeous throughout the season with the right-sized wreath chosen. This is the same as the selection of the right Christmas tree for indoor decoration. You have to consider the scaling of the wreath according to the size of the door. 

Choosing the Right Size

A wreath that is too small will look lost, while one with too large size will look cluttered. So, how will you determine the right size for our front door? This mini-guide will help you choose the perfect size that fits your outdoor aesthetics.

  • Large Size Wreaths for Standard Doors

If you are like us, you might not use your front door that much (use the backdoor for home entry). In such a case, a large-sized wreath will make a statement if the door is not infrequent use. A large wreath has an immediate impact that you can see across the street. We recommend a 36” or similar sized wreath to make a bold statement on an unused front door and get that astounding effect. 

  • Measure the Size of Door First

Always follow the rule of measuring the size of the front door before purchasing a wreath. Start by measuring the width of the door and then subtract 12 inches. This simple practice will help you get the right size for the door. Taking 6 inches away from the side of the door will give your wreath enough room to look prominent. 

More Considerations

  • Color

The selected wreath might clash with the door or look washed out if it does not compliment the color scheme. For instance, handing a green wreath to a green door will not look right. Keep the door color in mind and choose a wreath that has a contrasting effect. 

  • Material

Choosing the right wreath relies heavily on the material used in designing the ornament. If you plan to hang the wreath outside, ensure that it has material rated for rough outdoor use. 

  • Style

Besides your front door, you have to ensure that the wreath you select also matches the indoor décor. You need to make a bold statement with the right-sized wreath. Ensure that the wreath you have chosen gives a hint about indoor decoration without giving away too much. 

Standard Sized Wreaths

24 Inch: A 24” sized wreath looks right for a standard 36’ inch front door. Hang it 14’ from the top, so it easily hangs in the middle.

36 Inch: 36’ wreath fits whole with the standard door size. You can create a dramatic effect if you do not use your front door too often and love a larger wreath present. 

Final Word

Unless you want to go big and do not intend to use your front door too often, going for a 36’ wreath for the standard door is best. However, always take the 12-inch rule of measurement to choose the right size for the door. Additionally, match the style and color according to the indoor and outdoor decoration to let your wreath make a bold statement. So go ahead, and make your choice of a wreath for decoration.

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