Home Made Scented Soap

Making soap is a creative skill that has been practiced for thousands of years. The benefit of making your own soap is that you can customize the smell, color, and size, to your liking, and it’s far less expensive than buying store-bought soap. The manufacturing of soap takes approximately an hour, but the chilling and curing procedure…

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How To Make A Welcome Door Hanger

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Are you on the hunt for a door hanger that can be used year-round while working with every holiday and season? Here it is! With this door hanger, you are able to switch out the whole ribbon section at the bottom to fit the occasion. Read more below about how to make a multi-season welcome…

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Design Your Own Floral Wreath

Image Source Floral wreaths provide a beautiful yet modern look to the traditional designs of wreaths we are used to seeing. Whether it is the warmth of summer or the blooming of spring, floral wreaths offer an elegant and fresh look to your décor. If you have skimmed through stores and have not found one…

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