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How To Make a Fall Wall Hanging Kit By Hazy Heart and Home

By HardWorking Mom

November 11, 2019

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum

I am so excited to show you how to make a Fall Wall Hanging kit. Shh, this is for my mom don’t give it away yet. This kit is from Hazy Heart and Home you can find her on Facebook & Instagram.

This kit is designed to add a fresh, fun & rustic look to your home or office. From the different textures, patterns and color schemes, this centerpiece kit will add a lasting first impression to your home! This kit is made with a metal base, florals, and wired ribbon that is designed for easy reshaping. This piece truly adds a fall touch to your home.

We have 2 bushes green filler & then pretty flowers. The cute hanger which already had the foam in it for us ( Score) saves us a step. The first thing I did is cut the bushes up we don’t want to use the whole thing and stick it right into the holder we want to be able to space this out and fill up and in as we go. 

cutting the flowers into smaller bundles.

I am using my glue skillet in this project you can find it here on my amazon influencer shop ( https://amzn.to/34Sr7CU ). I am going to take and dip the ends of my green and start placing mixing and matching as I go I am starting with the flowers first and going to add and fill in as needed. 

You really want this to look natural since everything in nature is not unformed, having things go in a different direction is going to give it texture and that whimsical look to it. I repeat the process of filling and placing making sure that my fillers are starting to cover and cutting them shorter if needed. I am not using a lot of glue when dipping the ends just lightly coating it works great. 

I had some extra materials from a project that I decided to add to this design. Parts of the stem are not strong enough to be placed into the hanger so I take out my pick machine if you do not have one of these you can use pick ties you can find those at a local craft store, you can find the pick machine in my amazon store or online. 

Extra materials I had.

What I do is cut down the stem so I can take it and insert it into my machine and then it creates a metal pick for me to be able to place into the foam. I dip it in a little glue and then place it into the foam. I started to work the back and fill in where needed. I am not worried about the foam that is still showing since the kit came with moss. 

Next, we will make the bow this kit came with 2 yards of ribbon which is great amount for a 4 loop bow ( 2 on each side) I am going to make this bow by hand starting with a small tail the loops are going to be about 5″ loops using my thumb I am going to fold it over and make a loop using my thump to help hold it in place. I do this until I have 2 loops on each side. Place it into my bow maker to help me hold that pinch. I take the next ribbon and do this same process with the tails a little longer for this one so I can create a more whimsical bow to match the theme of our design. 

Using a zip tie to attach the bow in place than taking a pipe cleaner and going to pick this with my machine so I can stick this right into the corner of the hanger. Now you do not have to attach it this way you could tie it onto the corner. The front of this you could add wording or something cute if you have your Cricut machine. 

After placing the bow its time to fill in and cover the rest of that foam that is showing. This kit came with that ( thank you Amanda) I am going to take my popsicle stick and just paint the glue on the front and on the back. Then I will take the moss breaking it apart and sticking it onto the glue starting in the front then working my way to the back. 

Here you have it I think momma Riley is going to love this one. Thank you for reading & for watching the video on YouTube we will see you next time for some Wreath Therapy! 

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