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How To Make A Poof Ruffle Farmer’s Market Strawberry wreath

Hey, Lori here. I was going back and checking out some of my old videos of wreaths that seem to be a fan favorite. I found this strawberry wreath where we did a ruffle and poof method. I thought we would reflect on this wreath and how to make it.

You will need one roll of 21″ jute mesh and one roll of 10″ red foil mesh. I found mine at TrendyTree I will attach a link here for you all. When you are going to do a wreath and you plan out your method ahead of time you will be able to find out what type and how much materials you will need so you purchase the correct amounts. If you do a ruffle and you are going to use 30″ inches you will need 1 and 1/2 roll. If you do 20″ inch ruffles you will need one roll of 10-inch mesh.

To get started I will bunch up the end of the mesh and tie it to the frame with a zip tie right in front one of the ties, doesn’t matter which one I just always start with the outer frame. We will do a 10″inch poof I know that when I slide my hand one, two, three times it creates that poof. I will attach the poof with the ties and then fluff out the center out keeping the ends tucked still. We will do this around the wreath frame.

One tip you can do is if you still can see your fame with the jute mesh you can do this other pattern with it like a zig-zag going from top to bottom and you can use up the whole roll of 21″inch mesh. We did not do this here with this wreath but always an option to add. To tie off the poofs after going all around the work-frame I will take a zip tie and tie it to the frame.

Next, we will move on to the ruffles, we will do 20″ inch ruffles and I will add them into every tie. This mesh is thick because I am using the wide foil. How to do a ruffle you want to use something heavy on the end of the mesh and then take your thumbs and your fingers and walk them up the mesh. It should look like a bow tie. and the ends are tucked under the ruffle, then I will place it into the tie.

After doing the poof and the ruffle all the way around we will now add our ribbons to the wreath. I like to take my ribbon pairs and fold them then in that center create my pinch and pull the ribbons to give them that crisp bird-like shape. Then we will place them into the wreath frame. I cut my ribbon at 12″ inches.

We are going to put our cute strawberry sign on next! I love how full this wreath is and the ribbons how they are standing out. I am using a 26 gauge silver wire and I will take it and place it into the whole of the sign, I use about 26 inches of the wire. We take the wire and go where one of the twist ties are and go around that tie this helps hide the wire.

I had some strawberries I added into the ties along with some red windowpane ribbon. I just add some 4″ loops and place it in every few spots not all of them.

Here you have it an adorable sweet strawberry wreath! I will list materials for you bellow if you make one please make sure you tag me on Facebook or Instagram I would love to see!

Affiliate links for tools used. If you purchase I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂 

Method: Poof Ruffle

21″ inch Natural Burlap Jute Mesh –https://www.trendytree.com/mesh/21-natural-burlap-and-poly-mesh-roll.html

10″ inch Red Wide Foil Mesh- https://www.trendytree.com/mesh/10-red-matte-wide-foil-deco-poly-mesh.html

Strawberry Ribbon: https://www.trendytree.com/ribbon/25-strawberries-ribbon.html

Green and red stripe: https://www.trendytree.com/ribbon/15-fresh-green-red-white-gingham-check-edge-ribbon.html

Natural Burlap ribbon- https://www.craftoutlet.com/2-5-natural-tan-canvas-ribbon-with-white-polka-dots-10-yards

Strawberry Market Sign- https://www.craftoutlet.com/12-metal-farmers-market-sign-strawberries

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