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How to Make a White Pine Turquoise and Red Christmas Wreath

This video tutorial will show you how to make a Christmas wreath using the curl ruffle, or “cruffle,” method with red and turquoise ribbon and mesh.

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas! Fall is a busy season for everyone. For the small business, it’s time to start prepping for Christmas craft fairs! Learn how to make this super fun Christmas Wreath by watching my video. Step-by-step written instructions are listed below with helpful links and video timestamps.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Method: Curl & Ruffle, or “Cruffle”

Cruffle/Mesh: cut at 28 inches
Ribbons: cut at 14 inches

Supplies are as follows:

  • Merry Christmas Sign, Affordable Wreath Signs, https://etsy.me/2IUzhCE
  • 16″ White Evergreen Base Wreath Frame, https://goo.gl/QPsTPY
  • 14″ Craft Foam Wreath Ring, available at various craft stores
  • 10″ Turquoise and Red Mesh, Hobby Loby
  • 10″ Red and White Striped Mesh, Hobby Lobby
  • Candy cane candy and lollipop decor, Hobby Lobby
  • Poinsettia flowers, Hobby Lobby
  • Floral Pins
  • Silver Wire

Ribbons: Trendy Tree, http://tiny.cc/ef8z6y

  • 2.5″ Red Wired Velvet Ribbon, for foam ring
  • 2.5″ Turquoise and Red Polka Dot
  • 2.5″ White with Red Stripes
  • 1.5″ Red with Snow Border
  • 1.5″ Turquoise, Red, and White Stripes

Tools (Optional):

How to Make a White Pine Turquoise and Red Christmas Wreath

Written Instructions with Video Timestamps:

Getting Started

This is a super fun project using a White Pine-Based Wreath from Sim’s Pottery. What I love about this wreath is that it’s easy to decorate. It makes a great base for mesh ornaments and ribbon [0:33].

I’m using a red and turquoise sign from Affordable Wreaths [1:2.8]. The sign is just a bit oversized for the wreath being used. I’m going to show you a trick to give the wreath base the illusion of being larger. The 14″ foam ring fits right into the back of the 16″ wreath [1:42]. I cover the foam ring with ribbon to add a little interest to the back of the base.

Preparing and Attaching the Foam Ring

The first step is to cover the foam ring base using the red wired velvet ribbon [2:40]. Start at the base and secure your starting point with a floral pin. Begin wrapping the ribbon around the ring and securing with floral pins as needed. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want to cover the foam all the way around the ring. You may need to use pliers to push the final floral pin through the ribbon layers to secure the end [7:17].

Stack the red ring onto the center back of the pine wreath base. Using your pins and pliers, secure the wreath to the red ring. The pliers help push the pins through the layers of ribbon [9:35]. Once it’s secure, we’ll add another layer of security. Take two floral pins and one 8″ piece of silver wire. Wrap the wire around the frame base, twist, and then put it through the pin, twisting around the pin, then push your pin into the side of the red ring base. Do this about 4-5 times, spaced evenly around the red ring for extra security [9:40].

Now that the foam is secure, give it a little shake to make sure! Then flip your wreath over, right side up. Spread the white pine needles out so that they aren’t smashed together. It makes it easier to work with if it’s opened up a little first.

Attaching the Sign

Using a metal hole punch, punch a hole through all four corners of the sign [14:19]. In this tutorial, I used a 1.5 millimeter hole punch. Cut a piece of silver wire 16 inches (it’s always better to make it too long, rather than too short, so err on the side of long!). Loop the wire through one of the corners and twist in the back. Repeat for the other 3 corners.

When working with this type of base, I find it easier to put the sign on first. Position the sign on the left side of the wreath. Loosely tie the wire on the bottom left corner of the sign to the bottom left base of the wreath. Do not lay your wreath upside down for this step! Repeat for the remaining corners, securing the ties to the frame. Be careful not to dislodge the red ring. Silver wire is great because it blends in well with the wreath. Twist your ties a few times and then trim.

Cutting and Attaching the Mesh Cruffles

To bring out the colors in the sign, I’m using turquoise and red mesh. I use my ultimate collapsible mesh roller to help with rolling out both rolls of mesh at the same time and cutting it. Both mesh rolls in this project are from Hobby Lobby [21:29]. Cut your mesh pieces at 15 inches. For this wreath, I cut a total of 14 pieces; 7 from each roll. Stack your pieces in alternating patterns so that you can grab and go on the next step.

Note: the mesh ribbon used here is a mixture of fabric and deco mesh, so I chose to use the “cruffle” technique [23:40].

A cruffle is a cross between a curl and a ruffle. Take your first piece of mesh and curl the end under a few times, then ruffle the remainder all the way to the end, and then fold the last inch under. Place the cruffle into the wreath and use two white pine wires to attach it to the wreath. Just twist two wires around the cruffle. Work the cruffles around the outside of the wreath in an alternating pattern. Once you finish the outside, add cruffles to the top of the wreath [34:27].

Once you’re done, notice how different your wreath looks [38:30]!

Cutting and Attaching the Ribbon Bows

Next up are ribbons! We’re going to cut and attach bows on top of our mesh cruffles. I made 4 stacks of bows along the right side of the wreath: one at the top, one at the bottom, and two in between. All of our ribbon colors coordinate with the sign [39:20].

Take one of the 2.5″ wide turquoise and red ribbons, measure and cut 28 inches. Repeat for the other 2.5″ white and red striped ribbon. Take one of the pieces, fold in half and pinch to make a 4″ curl at the end. Repeat for the other 2.5″ wide ribbon. Now stack the ribbons so that they form a bow, creating a curl and two tails on each side. Secure together with a pipe cleaner (you can trim the pipe cleaner to make shorter).

Place the bow into the wreath on top of a cruffle at the bottom of the wreath, just to the right side of the sign. Use the pine ties holding the cruffle to tie and secure the bow on top. Roll the ends of the ribbon in, or you can dovetail them. Fluff the ribbon so that it stands up. Repeat for the two 1.5″ ribbons. Attach to the top of the wreath, just to the right side of the sign.

Repeat the bow stack for the 2.5″ wide ribbon again, and once more using the 1.5″ ribbon. Attach them between the first two bows, alternating the patterns. You should have a total of 4 bow stacks. Don’t forget to curl or dovetail the ribbon ends.

Making the Ribbon Tails

Next step is to make ribbon tails! I used the 1.5″ wide ribbons. Cut 5 pieces of ribbon at 14″ from each ribbon roll. I used my Perfect Tail in this tutorial. It is a big time saver!

Find the center of a piece of ribbon and pinch it [49:19]. Attach it to the wreath in between a set of cruffles using the pine needles as your ties. Curl in the tails on both ends. Work your way around the wreath, attaching the ribbon tails in alternating patterns between the cruffles.

Adding Embellishments

Next, I add my embellishments. These really jazz up the wreath and give it that WOW factor!

I have candy cane decorations from Hobby Lobby. I trimmed the stems off my candy wrappers and bent the attached wire to form a hook. I dipped the hook in hot glue, and used the hook to twist the pine needles around and secure to the wreath. I repeated this step a few more times [50:21].

I also attached snowman lollipops. To secure these, I ran a piece of silver wire through the little hooks on snowman’s hat and twisted to secure [57:26]. I twisted a second wire around the base of the snowman’s head where it meets the stick. I secured the wires in place on the back of the lollipop using hot glue before attaching the lollipops to the wreath using the wire ties.

Next, I also had these red and turquoise Christmas ball ornaments to add to give the wreath a pop of color. If the tops of the ornamental bulbs are loose, it’s best to remove them. Then dab the bulb in glue by the hold and secure to the wreath. If the ornament’s top is securely glued in place and cannot be removed, just dab glue right on the top and secure it in place so that it’s hidden.

Lastly, I add poinsettias with the snow spray effect. Trim off any stems or green leaves if attached to the flower. Locate a spot on the wreath to place your flower and prepare a hook out of a pine needle. Pull back your flower, and dab glue on the flower base. Insert the poinsettia base into the hook and wrap the hook securely around the flower [1:03:29]. I added four flowers total.

Add more bulbs or embellishments in any areas that need more pops of color! Done! Does your wreath have that WOW factor? View the final product at timestamp [1:11:23] in the video.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For more Christmas Wreath Project Ideas and Tutorials, check out my YouTube Playlist: Christmas Wreaths.

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I hope this post puts you in the Christmas spirit and motivates you to get crafty. Share with me! I’d love to hear from you. My social links are posted below.

Until next time,

❤ Lori

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