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Hay Girl Hay Cow Wreath- How To Reuse Wreaths for Multiple Seasons

I want a wreath for EVERY season! Will I have room for all of them? No… Using the same wreath for multiple seasons is possible and we are going to show you how! This is also a great way to fill your shop with listings without spending a ton of money. Keep reading!


•30in  Ruffles 

Ribbons cut -12

Mesh cut – 30in


​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree or Hardworkingmomstore.com

Get Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO

Hay Girl Hay Sign

15in red work wreath frame

10in Black deco mesh 

10in Red with red and black edge 

2.5″ Red black and white 

2.5″ Red and white striped 

1.5″ Red with white polka dots ribbon 

1.5″  Black and white checked ribbon 


Begin by cutting your mesh to 30 inch sections. 

With each design of mesh ( black and red & black stripes) create a ruffle. To make a ruffle lay mesh on a flat surface with the natural curl side face up. Curl the ends and run your thumb up the middle to create a ruffle. Alternate colors around the wreath.

For the ribbon, you will put together a combo of the red with red & black edge ribbon and red with white polka dot ribbon as well as the striped ribbon black checked ribbon layered on top. Alternate combos and place in the ties with the mesh. Using a color scheme that can correlate with several different times of the year is what you want to do. This everyday wreath could also be used for Christmas if I change out the sign and ribbons. It can also be used for football if I change the sign!

To create my bow I used the EZ Bow Maker and layered the striped ribbon and the black checked ribbon on top! I also threw on the red, black, and white checked ribbon. Slide a zip tie underneath the layers and secure. Don’t forget to turn the zip tie around the back of the wreath and pull tight. 

Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the sign and use floral wire to run through the holes and tie to the back of the wreath! Enjoy!

See the full video tutorial here-

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