DIY Fruit Themed Decor by Hard Working Mom

Summer is approaching fast and with the warm weather comes the ripening of all of our favorite sweet fruits! Add a splash of color to your home by decorating with fruit theme items. Redecorating doesn’t have to have a hefty price tag. These fruity ideas are the perfect DIY project!

Fruit Mason Jars

Mason Jars could be used for multiple purposes and this is why they are one of our favorite decorating pieces. Put your creativity to the test and paint each large jar a different fruit. We like creating watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry! These jars can be used as centerpieces, ring toss games, or even regular Mason Jars could be used as drinking glasses!

Popsicle Stick Labels

Distinguish alcoholic drinks from non-alcoholic drinks with labels! Paint popsicle sticks like your favorite fruits and create labels from them. Popsicle sticks could also be used to give your cupcakes a bit of flair!

Fruit Garland

We love creating simple and festive garlands with ribbon. Cut your ribbon to the desired length of tassels, pair with a coordinating tulle, and tie them onto jute. Here are a few of the ribbon designs we use to make a fruit garland:

Strawberry Ribbon

Lemon Ribbon

Watermelon Ribbon

Pineapple Ribbon

Colorful Fruit Signs

The Hard Working Mom is ready for Summer and you can bet we have a variety of fruit signs in store! Check out the Hard Working Mom shop to check out an assortment of fruit signs. This watermelon sign and lemon sign are my favorite!

Fabric Lemons

This idea may require you to do a little sewing but it’s nothing you can’t handle. You could even use fabric glue if you’d like! These small fabric lemons could be made with circular cutouts of yellow designed fabric and green leaf cutouts of felt. Glue or sew the fabric inside out leaving an open space to then turn to the right side when dried. Optional: Fill the lemon with a small amount of cotton to give a little dimension to the lemon shape. Insert the leaf into the open space and glue. 

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