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How to Make a Poof Curl Scarecrow Wreath

This video tutorial will show you how to make a scarecrow wreath using the poof curl method with frayed burlap and raffia.

Are you prepping for Fall yet? Learn how to make this beautiful Autumn Scarecrow Wreath by watching my video. Step-by-step written instructions are listed below with helpful links and video timestamps.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Method: Poof Curl

Curl/Mesh: cut at 15 inches
Ribbons: cut at 15 inches
Burlap: cut at 5 inches

Supplies are as follows:


Tools (Optional):

How to make a Poof Curl Scarecrow Wreath

Written Instructions with Video Timestamps:

Using Jute Mesh

For our wreath, we are using two different rolls of jute mesh: orange and natural. I used 2 rolls of 21″ jute mesh for this wreath. I cut my jute into 15″ wide pieces: cut 9 orange and 9 natural. The colors coordinate well with our scarecrow decoration. I cut my poofs a little bit bigger because we’re not going to use 3 levels, only 2 levels. This particular mesh is also thicker than what I normally use, therefore 2 levels will be fine.

If you were to make a 3rd level on top, you’ll need to cut 26 total pieces of jute mesh.

Choosing a Wreath Frame

We are using a 14″ orange work wreath frame in this tutorial, but you can use a plain base frame if you want. We have 12 ties on the outer level of our work wreath frame, and 10 ties on the inside level. Open up the ties before getting started.

Cutting Ribbons

All of my ribbon are cut at 15 inches with dovetails (little v cuts in the ends) [18:17]. I recommend buying ribbon in 50 yard rolls if you plan to use them in other projects. You can order them online. They may cost slightly more retail than wholesale, but the free shipping usually makes up for it. In total, you’ll need 18 pieces of 2.5″ and 18 pieces of 1.5″. You will want to vary your ribbon choices as they will be stacked –> 1.5″ on top of 2.5″ and tied to each work frame tie.

Cutting Frayed Burlap

We’re using frayed burlap on this project. The frayed edges are so cool! Cut out 18 pieces of burlap at 5 inch widths.

Creating the Jute Poof Curls

Next, we create our “Poof Curls” using the Poof Curl Method . Take a 15″ strip of orange jute mesh, and roll it up to form a tube or “curl.” Next, we tie it onto the wreath. On the large, outer layer of your wreath frame, secure one side of the curl to a tie leaving a 4″ tail on one side. Secure the other end of the curl to an adjacent tie, leaving a 4″ tail on the other side . You should now have this sequence on your wreath: one curl, a tie, one poof, a tie, one curl.

Repeat curl with a 15″ strip of natural jute mesh. Secure this tube/curl by overlapping with the first curl. The left tail of this curl should overlap with the poof of the previous curl, and share a tie [3:37]. Be sure the seam of the curl is facing down when you tie on the wreath. Fluff out your poof and straight up your curls so they stick out.

Repeat again with the orange mesh, and then continue around in alternating the jute colors [4:49]. I used 5 of the orange mesh and 5 of the natural mesh for this bottom level.

Next is the top level. Start with orange and do exactly the same thing on top. You will use 4 orange and 4 natural on the top level.

Tying on the Ribbons and Frayed Burlap

Moving onto ribbons: we have 5 sets of ribbons, 3 wide (2.5″) and 2 narrow (1.5″). Decide how you’ll stack your ribbons. We’ll stack ours in this order before tying onto the wreath: 1.5″, 2.5″, and then burlap.

How to attach ribbon and frayed burlap: take a strip of burlap and pinch the center between your thumb and forefinger to make a bow shape with the frayed edges on the ends [19:24]. Place 2 different pieces of a 1.5″ and 2.5″ ribbon on top of the burlap [19:46]. Pinch in the center and tie onto the frame starting with the outside level [20:02]. Adjust your ribbons and burlap to your liking. Repeat for each of the 18 ties.

Attaching Scarecrow to the Wreath

The kits come with attachments on the scarecrow. If you are not assembling from the kit, you’ll need to add wire ties to your scarecrow [36:57]. I’ve added an extra tie to the top of the scarecrow’s hat so that it’s secure. I attach this wire to the top of the frame by running it in between the poofs to get to the back of the frame and secure [36:47]. Adjust the head to make sure the it doesn’t get squashed in! Attach the wires behind the scarecrows face to the frame nearest the ties.

Next, attach the legs using the wire ties, and then attach the arms [39:35].

Using the Raffia

Next, we will add our raffia [47:20]. Cut several 20″ pieces and make a bow with it, nothing fancy. Attach it to the wreath frame using a tie where you secured the arm in place (to hide the wires). Repeat for other arm. You can add raffia bows any where else you want or stop there.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For more Fall Wreath Project Ideas and Tutorials, check out my YouTube Playlist: Fall Wreaths and Crafts.

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