Make Money from Home by Starting that Wreath Making Business

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So, are you planning to start a wreath making business and put that creative spark in you to good use? Before you get to it, ask yourself these relevant questions: Do you genuinely enjoy the process of making wreaths and other crafts? Do you have a flair for design? Can you materialize what you have envisioned for your home-based wreath making business to be like? If the answer is yes to all these queries, then you’re all set to embark on the journey of claiming your space in the wreath making industry. 

Today, we live in an advanced day and age where there is a great scope for ventures and start-ups to flourish. Having said that, obviously not all businesses will taste the same kind of success. There is a wide range of factors that must be meticulously researched and taken into consideration before you take the big step! 

The number of home-based businesses opening up have skyrocketed in recent years and a leading cause behind this is that many of them have turned successful. There is a growing problem of unemployment in most countries and this may just be an ideal way for you to earn some revenue. Aside from that, you certainly get the opportunity to showcase your arsenal of skillset as well. Wreath making is one of the endeavors that can effortlessly become a home-based business so if you’re thinking about starting one, you’re on the right track.

Let’s Get To Business

Basic Necessities To Start Your Wreath Making Business

The first and foremost thing to do is figuring out the logistics. Look for a spare room or two in your house, a garage or perhaps even a large shed. Whichever place you end up selecting, make sure that it’s strictly dedicated to conducting your business operations. 

The very next step is to do extensive research and stock up all the supplies and materials you require to make wreaths from a wholesaler. Of course, the more you order, the less you will have to pay. These materials include wreath form (classic wire or grapevine), florist wire, main bulk décor supplies (stems, leaves, eucalyptus bunch), accent décor materials (pine cones, fresh flowers, faux floral stems), wire cutters, scissors and pruners. You should also invest in preventive measures and buy safety gear like gloves and eye protection so you’re not hurt in the process. 

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Moreover, you may even want to consider buying a wreath machine. You can even find less expensive ones because the cost of the machine varies depending on how much added production they provide. A wreath making business now has the potential for providing year-round income. People purchase wreaths for every special occasion and sometimes even casually to just have it hanging on their front door. Wreaths are commonly used commercially in malls, hospitals, schools, etc. 

You should spend some times deciding the kinds of wreath you wish to create. Will they be artificial or fresh or both? Will they have a regular base or evergreen ones? Will the decorations be simple or intricate? Do your homework and accordingly decide what sells best. Also, utilize your skills and talent when it comes to being creative and make wreaths that are unique. You want to ensure that your wreaths stand out from the ordinary wreaths already available in the market.

Last but not the least, you need to formulate a simple yet effective business plan. This is essentially because you need to be organized and move forward with your business in a strategized fashion. It will help you focus on the business itself and perhaps even guide you to narrow it down a specific niche. The plan will even help put into perspective the costs, supplies, equipment, and any staffing needs you may have in the early stages.

Let’s shed light upon what your business plan should include:

  • Name of your brand
  • Vision statement – What is your purpose behind this start-up and where do you want to take it? 
  • Objectives – What are your financial goals?
  • Plan of action – How do you plan on achieving those goals?
  • Advertising – What marketing strategies will you employ to promote your business?
  • Finances – What is your current budget to start the business and how do you plan on paying the monthly expense? Do you maybe need to take a loan?

A multitude of exceptional books and software programs are available at your disposal, serving as the ultimate guide that can help you navigate the business plan.

Wrapping It Up

Regardless of the nature of your start up, you need to ensure that it is something you’re genuinely invested in. Aside from time, money and persistent efforts that go into making a business what it is, you also put your heart and soul into it. There is no easy way to start a new venture but the key aspect that drives you to make that decision anyway is your willingness to tackle any obstacles and do what you love. 

A clear advantage here is that if you put in extra hours to earn more profits, they’ll be your profits. No company or other business entity can reap your hard-earned profit. So, if your wreath making business grows out to be successful, there is a lot to gain from it apart from personal satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? Take into account the aforementioned instructions and equip yourself with all that you need to kickstart a wreath-making business & don’t forget to check out my success path to help guide you along the way!


  1. ROSE MARIE SCOTT on May 22, 2021 at 2:59 am


    Just finished watching you on utube where you showed How to make 11 wreaths. I found it to be both interesting and informative.

    I would like to become one of your followers and to be placed on your membership list as a subscriber. I am a creative person and have been since I was knee high to a grasshopper. When I get an idea and visualize it 99% of the time it turns out the way I had envisioned it. I have been making wreaths for my front door for about 8/9 months and people have remarked how they like them. I would really like to be able to make money by selling them. I have watch quite a few wreath making sessions on utube and have since learned quite a bit, but am eager to learn more. I found listening to you explain the different types that you can make very interesting and I absorbed much of your knowledge.

    Thank you in advance,
    Rose Marie

    • lemondropwreathshop on June 11, 2021 at 12:44 pm

      Rose Marie,
      I am so happy to hear you watch Hard Working Mom! Her success path is a great group to learn from and to turn that hobby into a business. Here is a link for the group! Hope to see you inside the group.

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