Memorial Day Decor Ideas

There are many reasons to decorate for the Memorial Day holiday, which is why we wanted to share some of our best Memorial Day decor ideas. Whether you are remembering a veteran grandpa or paying respect to the men and women who passed while serving in the U.S. military, these ideas will help you celebrate in style.

Interesting Facts About Memorial Day

Before diving into the decor ideas, we wanted to shed light on a few interesting facts that people rarely know about this special day. Like many holidays, over the years it has become very commercialized with its true identity being lost. Check out these interesting tidbits and share them with others:

  • Memorial Day actually started out as Decoration Day.
  • Decoration Day used to only recognize soldiers who were killed in combat during the Civil War (until World War I).
  • This day was not switched nor recognized as an official federal holiday until 1968.
  • During this day, flags are ordered to fly at both half-staff and full-staff.

Neat things to know, huh? Now for those decorating ideas.

Memorial Day Decor Ideas

Decorating your home for a special occasion can be lots of fun, especially when it carries an important meaning. Keep these ideas in mind as you decorate for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Red, White, and Blue Sand-Filled Votives

This is an idea that is not only easy, but also cute and versatile. All you need are three medium-sized glass candle holders (clear), red, white, and blue colored sand, and tealight candles. Fill each jar with a layer of each color and top them off with the candles. As an added touch, you can add the letters U.S.A on the candle holders. 

Festive Flag Tray

You can approach this craft project in a couple of different ways. One way is to start with a red tray and add strips of white duct tape (cut thin) and a section of blue duct tape for the star section. Or, you can do the opposite with a white tray. Use small white star stickers and tie some festive ribbons on the tray handles. Now you have a nice, homemade serving tray.

USA Palette Sign

The following materials are needed for this Memorial Day craft project:

  • Wood pallet sign (can be found at Walmart or local craft store)
  • Wooden, styrofoam, or thick cardboard letters U-S-A
  • Red, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Red, white, and blue glitter
  • Glue (for glitter)
  • Hot glue 

To create the sign, paint each letter a different color. Once it has dried, apply a thin coat of glue and sprinkle the corresponding color of glitter on the front. Knock off any excess glitter. After the glue has dried, hot glue the letters to the wood pallet. Attach a hanger if you want to use this as a door hanger or wall sign. Another option is to use it as a table centerpiece.

Memorial Photo Cube

If you’re looking for a unique way to show off old military service photos, this project is for you. Start with a wooden cube that is plain and can be painted. If you use several of them, you can paint each one a different patriotic color. If you choose to go with one large block, consider painting each side a different patriotic color. Attach the photos with a layer of mod podge on the back and seal them by applying a then layer of mod podge on the front. These would make wonderful table decor or can decorate a bookshelf space.

Festive Utensil Basket

All you need for this project is a wicker-style basket or any kind you have on hand. Combine red, white, and blue ribbon together and tie them around the rim of the basket. Add a nice big bow at one end. Fill the basket with red, white, and blue utensils and napkins. Now you’re all set for the Memorial Day barbeque.

Star-Embellished Ice Bucket

Pick up a red (white or blue will work too) metal bucket and a few packs of red, white, and blue star foam stickers. Layer the stickers on the bucket to create a 3-D look. Now all you have to do is add ice and position the bucket on the drink table at the party!

Final Thoughts

Decorating for Memorial Day and preparing for a party doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use our ideas and suggestions below to add unique homemade decor that you and your guests will remember. Which craft project are you going to work on first? Let us know in the comments below!

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