New Year Wreath Ideas

Thanks to these New Year Wreath Ideas, you don’t have to worry about how you will redo your front door after the holidays. If you’ve never considered doing a wreath to celebrate the beginning of a new year, allow these ideas to inspire you to do just that.

New Year Wreath Ideas

One of the biggest perks to making a new year’s wreath is the fact that you can reuse some of your holiday decorations. Even if you want to use new materials, you can find some pretty amazing accessories at the Dollar Store.

The ideas below are easy, practical, and don’t cost much to make!

Christmas Tree Decor Turned New Year Wreath (Jennifer Perkins)

This wreath recycles a sparkly star tree topper, small ornaments, and a grapevine wreath spray painted silver. She finished off the wreath with NYE party favors, white pom poms, and mini silver stars. 

Cheers New Year Wreath (Mom Dot)

This wreath features one of the most iconic things about New Year – having a drink. You can choose any wine bottle of your choice but Mom Dot went with two empty apple cider bottles. She also used to plastic wine cups, gold NEW YEAR letters, gold recycled Christmas ornaments and a few shimmery embellishments.

This is a fairly large wreath (about 3.5 feet across) so you can hang it on your door or on an outside window.

Happy New Year Mesh Wreath (The Wreath Depot)

Create a stylish mesh wreath that pops using a New Year hat, leopard print and gold ribbon, black deco mesh, and other gold embellishments. The Wreath Depot has an easy tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step to help you create your own front door for new years swag.

Super Easy Party Horn Wreath (The Busy Broad)

Use party horns to decorate a shimmery garland-based new year’s wreath. It’s a quick and easy way to decorate your front door or have party decorations for a new year’s gathering. Making this wreath is so easy, even your kids can do it!

Black and White New Year Celebration Wreath (The Wreath Depot)

Black and white are commonly used to celebrate the new year so it’s only traditional to use them to create a wreath. All you need to create this stylish wreath is white deco mesh, black studded ribbon, zebra print ribbon, and a few other New Years related embellishments. The Wreath Depot used a black and silver hat with the words “Happy New Year” as the center and built everything else around it.

Build Your Own New Year Wreath

While the ideas above are perfect for mimicking, you can also build your own new year wreath using your unique style and ideas. Think of all the things that remind you of starting a new year. From writing down resolutions to the time on a clock, these things can be used as decorations for your wreath. 

Also incorporate the “colors” of New Year, which are typically black, white, gold, and silver. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want but those will give you a good starting point.

Another idea is to use a door hanger. I make custom door hangers that can be designed any way you like. You could get one with the new year along with your family’s last name or the names of your members put on it. And since these are done in unfinished wood, you’ll be able to paint and decorate it however you like.

Final Thoughts

Seasons and holidays aren’t the only occasions to decorate for. The new year is a time that can be celebrated and decorated for as well. Use the ideas and suggestions mentioned above to add some new year swag to your front door and wish your guests a happy new year in the process.

Do you typically decorate for the new year? If so, share your customs and traditions in the comments below. If not, are you going to try any of these ideas to decorate your front door this coming up year? Let us know in the comments below.
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