Top 5 Must Have Tools Every Wreath Maker Needs In Their Craft Room

What must have tools do you need in your craft room when working on wreaths? Today I’m sharing with you the Top 5 Wreath Making Tools I use daily in designing and creating my wreath and craft projects. Whether you have been crafting and designing for a while or just getting started, you’ll find these products, tools, and resources listed below that I know will be valuable in helping you do your best work.

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Cutting Mat

My most used tool and one that I cannot do without is my cutting mat. I prefer using the larger 36 x 24 cutting mat, it’s the perfect length for all my wreath and crafting needs.  The ruler can be used for measuring ribbon, mesh, and I can quickly measure just about anything. Not only will it protect your work surface with its self-healing properties while cutting your project materials, it will also help extend the life of your rotary cutter blades. You can find my favorite mat here.

Tip: I use a permanent marker and write my most used measurements right on the mat as a quick reference guide.

Mesh Roller

The Collapsible Ultimate Mesh Roller by At Home With Susie is the perfect tool for all wreath makers. This mesh roller holds deco mesh and ribbons while cutting and measuring. It also prevents materials from curling while cutting.  It can easily accommodate multiple size rolls of mesh and ribbon and has 24” long dowels that can hold any combination of mesh or ribbons. It is collapsible so you can easily store it away until needed. It really saves on productivity when you can easily roll and cut your mesh or ribbons quickly and with ease. You can find this mesh roller here.

Wire Cutters

Having a pair of great wire cutters is an absolute must have tool for crafters and especially for wreath makers. Wire cutters can be used to cut through thick floral stems, floral wire, and many more wired materials used in everyday wreath making.  I recommend using wire cutters made for electrical work rather than general multipurpose wire cutters. You can find the one I use here.


Scissors should be strictly used to cut ribbon. On occasion I may use them to trim mesh on a wreath to capture any unwanted strings and tidy up the finished wreath. I never recommend using scissors to cut your silk flowers. You can find my favorite ribbon cutting scissors here.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is another must have tool in your craft room.  Original intended for cutting fabric but can cut through mesh with little to no fraying or damage.  Generally, these blades last a while if used properly, but if needed you can easily find replacement blades.  It’s best to use the rotary cutter with the cutting mat I mentioned above to help avoid damaging your work surface. My favorite rotary cutter can be found here.

Note: This blade is super sharp! Be sure to take care when cutting and use the protective shield to cover the blade when not in use.

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