Top Spring Decor Trends for 2022

If you’re searching for top spring decor trends to introduce to your home, we’ve put together some of the best concepts and ideas that are popular for spring 2022. While some of these suggestions may come as no surprise, others may catch you off guard! 

Top Spring Decor Trends for 2022

Self-Care Spaces

For the last few years, self-care is all the rage. In decor, this can be something as simple as creating a corner nook with a great candle and a few books or as big as changing up the bathroom to make it as much a retreat space as a functional area of the home. Choosing areas that can be a sanctuary for self-care is definitely on trend for 2022. 

Green and Open Air Concepts

It’s probably not a huge surprise that plants and greenery are still popular. Interior plants are still hot. Along with this is finding other ways to bring air and light into home spaces. Leaving windows uncovered vs having them draped is in. Outdoor living spaces, open space areas, and more flow in the home is popular. This is coupled with an even bigger focus on sustainability – make those warm days work for you by naturally heating or cooling your space. 

Decluttering and Intentionally Displaying Items

We can all get rid of some of our things but the decorating trend with items is moving towards intentional displays instead of simply tucking everything away. An example of this is a curated book display or a gallery wall made up of collected hats. These serve both as a means of storage and also decoration. Intentional double duty done in an attractive way!

Nature Colors and Green Shades

The natural world and bringing it into home spaces will be a popular trend in spring. Finding ways to bring this into your space is welcome in all areas of the home. Muted tones, not pastel, are even more popular. Colors like moss green and sage or sand are some examples of these colors. When it comes to greens, all monochromatic colors are a hit with decorators. 

Bold Lighting Styles

One of the easiest ways to add new life to your home is by changing the lighting options. This spring using lighting as statement pieces is big. Choose a new overhead lamp or side table lamp that not only lights up the room but adds something to the overall feel. Fun and funky designs, mid-century modern feels, and arches are some of the popular styles. 

Maximalist Design

The exact opposite of minimalism but don’t think this is all about keeping “all the things.” Instead think of this in terms of big, bold, bright colors and patterns. It might be an accent wall of an over-the-top wallpaper print or bold stripes. It could also be something like a giant stuffed peacock that you’ve just gotta have. Maximalism in 2022 is about celebrating and joy!

Supporting Local Designers

Thanks to supply chain issues and delayed shipping, there’s never been a better time to support local creators. Look for decor and design elements made by those in your city or region. Not only does this support the local community, but it’s also more sustainable and will cut back on your frustration with waiting for delayed products. 

Upcycling – Using What You’ve Got

This decor trend goes hand in hand with the previous point. People are thinking about ways to use what they already have. Upcycling or using items you already own, or can pick up for free (hello stuff for free groups!) and makeover is a way to add a new lease on life to your space while being kinder on the environment and not paying an arm and a leg for items that are three weeks late. 

Final Thoughts

When giving your home a good spring cleaning and seasonal update, keep these top spring decor trends in mind. They are inexpensive and creative ways to bring a little newness into your home all without breaking the bank. Not to mention, you can mix and match according to your design style and preference. Which trend(s) are you most excited about trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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