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How to Make a Woodland Ruffle Fall Wreath

This video tutorial will show you how to make a ruffle with a Woodland Ruffle Fall Wreath.

Fall is just around the corner. Learn how to make this beautiful Fall wreath by watching my video. Step-by-step written instructions are listed below with helpful links and video timestamps.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Method: Woodland Ruffle Curl

Ribbons: cut at 12 inches
Jute Mesh: cut at 34 inches

Supplies are as follows:



How to make a Fall Woodland Ruffle Wreath

Written Instructions with Video Timestamps:

Using Jute Mesh

For our wreath, we are using a gorgeous jute mesh with metallic gold and red foil stripes. I used almost 2 full rolls of 10″ wide jute for this wreath. I cut my strips in 34″ pieces. A good rule of thumb for a 14″ or 15″ wreath frame is to have 10 jute pieces on the bottom, and 8 pieces on top, so you’ll need about 18 strips of 10″ jute at 34″ in length.

Choosing a Wreath Frame

We are using a 14″ orange work wreath frame in this tutorial, but you can use a plain base frame if you want. This particular work wreath has bigger ties! Open up your ties before getting started.

Cutting Ribbons

Using my Perfect Tail, I cut my ribbon into 12″ strips . You can do this manually, but I just love my Perfect Tail to save some time. I then cut my dovetails (v-cut) into the ends of the ribbon using sharp scissors. I recommend buying ribbon in 50 yard rolls if you plan to use them in other projects. You can order them online. They may cost slightly more retail than wholesale, but the free shipping usually makes up for it.

Creating the Jute Woodland Ruffles

Next, we create our “Woodland Ruffles” using the Woodland Ruffle Method . Take a 34″ strip, lay it flat. On one end, roll under 3 times making a small roll (these are your curls). Repeat for other end. You may need to clip your roll with a chip clip to keep it from uncurling. Now, create a ruffle from your strip: start on one end and scrunch it up accordian style until you gather the entire strip. Pinch in the center and tie onto the wreath frame starting with the base.

Repeat going around the wreath until you have 10 curls tied onto the bottom frame and 8 on top.

Tying on the Ribbons

Moving onto ribbons: we have 4 sets of ribbons, 2 wide (2.5″) and 2 narrow (1.5″). Decide how you’ll stack your ribbons. We stacked our two glittery ribbons (one 1.5″ and a 2.5″). Pinch the center of the ribbon stack and tie onto the wreath frame . These will be stacked on top of each curl, so you’ll need about 18 stacks. The 10″ jute and 12″ ribbon combination works out great. The ribbon does not overtake the wreath.

Attaching a Sign to the Wreath

Next is choosing a sign. In the video, we show you how to attach a prep a metal pumpkin sign . Simply use a metal hole punch to punch a hole from the top and bottom of the sign. Cut a long strand of craft wire to thread through the holes and tie onto the wreath.

We decided to use the Happy Fall wood sign by Burlap Bowtique. Using a staple gun, we stapled the center of a pipe cleaner to the back of the sign on the left side, and repeated for the right side. These will be your ties to attach to the frame. Tie your sign onto your frame. We tied it near the base of our wreath.

Making the Bow Topper

For our bow topper: we used the Lisa Bow technique. In the video, I show you how to do make the Lisa Bow by hand, and how to make the Lisa Bow using a bowmaker . The Lisa Bow has 2 loops on one side, and 1 loop on the other side with two tails on the same side as the 1 loop.

We’ll need 6 stacks of Lisa Bows. The first 3 stacks use 2.5″ ribbon. The last 3 stacks use 1.5″ ribbon.

For the 1st layer of the Lisa Bow: starting with a 2.5″ ribbon on the roll, pull out an 8″ tail & pinch between thumb and index finger, and then create a 6″ loop. Pull the wrong side across, and bring up and over to create a new 6″ loop on the other side (no twisting ribbon at this point). Tuck in your hand to hold. Bring ribbon across to create another 6″ loop and turn under, tuck in your hand and hold. You should have 2 loops on one side, and 1 loop and 1 tail on the other. To create the final tail, you will need to twist the ribbon where you are pinching it, make an 8″ tail and cut. Secure your bow to a ribbon maker if you have one . Don’t stress over measuring the size of your loops, just as long as they both match!

For the 2nd layer, make another Lisa Bow using a different colored ribbon and stack it on top of the first one, with the single loop sides opposing each other.

For the 3rd layer of the Lisa Bow, we used the same 2.5″ ribbon as the 1st layer, but made our loops slightly smaller, about 5″.

For the 4th layer of the Lisa Bow, we used a 1.5″ ribbon with a 5″ loop. We stacked it with the tails opposing the 3rd layer.

For the 5th layer, we used the other a 1.5″ ribbon with a 4″ loop.

For the final 6th layer, we used the 1.5″ ribbon from the 4th layer and created a 4″ loop. Stack the final layer with tails opposing the 5th layer bow.

Don’t forget to dovetail (v-cuts) your bow tails if you wish. Adjust the stack of bows as needed. Always start with the bottom layer and work your way up as you adjust the bows.

We’ll secure the stack with a zip tie [55:35]. Run your zip tie around the center of the stack and just barely secure the zip tie. Remove the bow stack from the bowmaker. Carefully adjust your bows. Secure your zip tie a little more, not too tight. Cover your zip tie by folding a narrow strip of ribbon cut at about 8″, and tying it around your zip tie [59:58]. On the back of your bow stack, you will run a pipe cleaner under your zip tie. You’ll use the pipe cleaner to tie the bow onto the wreath! Now you can secure your zip tie a little more if needed. Tie on your bow [58:50]! Fluff your bow and make your tails curve pretty.

Adding the Final Touches

Last, but not least are the finishing touches. Place scarecrows, pumpkins or any other Fall swag onto the wreath using hot glue. Don’t be afraid to layer things over your sign. You can find these items at the Dollar Store, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. Done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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