Beautiful Wreaths That Embody Seasons

Wreaths are diverse ornamentals that aren’t simply limited to special occasions; they’re extremely relevant in different seasons as well. The wreath you wish to decorate your main door with will look a lot more pleasant if it’s aligned with the ongoing weather. Since one of the four seasons- spring, summer, fall, winter- will prevail all year round, you have the opportunity to hang an exquisite wreath in your home, anywhere you want. 

Below, we’ve shed light on the four seasonal wreaths and what they can potentially include depending on the mood of different seasons: 

Spring Wreaths

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The Spring season is known as nature’s youth, as the weather fluctuates between the chill winters and hot summers. It is the season of new birth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. During this season, trees and plants bloom with flowers and green leaves. Additionally, the spring season unveils the fun and excitement of various festivals.

Popularly known as the “nature’s youth”, spring season is one where the weather alters between the cold winters and hot summers. It is easy to have vivid visual imagery when talking about this season; a gentle breeze wafting over green meadows where all colorful flowers are blooming in full spirits- that’s what spring season is all about! 

Given that this is the season of revitalization, new beginnings, and fresh starts, you have all the more reasons to decorate your house with an enchanting wreath that elevates the vibe of your place. This season also has a range of exciting occasions lined up, so the festivities must be celebrated with beautiful wreaths hung in your house. Thus, the wreaths you hang around your house should also scream spring. 

As suggested above, the spring season brings about a variety of bright and lovely flowers. You can intelligently use fresh flowers, such as roses, daffodils, tulips, lilies, hyacinth, bluebells, crocus, and more, to adorn wreaths. 

Summer Wreaths

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We’ve all heard of “first impression is your last impression”, right? Well, if you want to make one instantly on your visitors, embellish the entrance of your house by hanging a stunning wreath on your main door. 

You have an array of summer wreaths at your disposal, some of which you can even create yourself. A prime example is a hydrangea wreath which can be made easily at home and is a visually appealing grapevine wreath. The only thing you’ll have to do is embellish the with other faux yet pretty flowers in order to create the perfect summertime vibe for guests that come to your house.  

Some people aren’t as enticed by flowers as others. For such individuals, there is an option of making DIY turtles or butterflies. It can be safely asserted that the most popular flowers associated with summers have are daisies, both yellow and white ones. So, you can make a wreath with these fresh and conspicuous flowers. Another common summery flower is the sunflower, so you can have a lovely sunflower wreath beautifying your home in this idyllic, sunshiny season.

Fall Wreaths

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My favorite season- fall- is one that marks the starting of changes and transitions in the weather; the autumn leaves become orange/yellow in color when they fall from the trees. However, if you view the season from a positive lens, you’ll observe that a range of happening activities and adventurous events are a part of it, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and apple picking. Make the most of this audacious season that screams fun! 

At this time of the year, many guests and visitors will make way to your home so you must ensure that the setting of your place is embracing. There is no better way to welcome them than with a pretty wreath hanging outdoors. 

You have both options available to you: either get ready-made wreaths or make cool DIY wreaths at home. The top fall wreaths we’d recommend are a white pumpkin wreath festooned with fall leaves and burlaps, a huge captivating fall-leaf wreath, and beautiful autumn leaves. Make the wreath more interesting by using your creativity. Work on enhancing the depth and beauty of a fall wreath by adding fall berry sprigs and fuzzy sprigs. The key is to go all out and not hold back yourself when attempting to adorn the wreath. Integrate typical autumn colors into your fall wreaths, bright yellow, orange, and warm hues.

Winter Wreaths

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A lot of us use the terms “winter season” and the “Christmas season” interchangeably which denotes how the two are inextricably linked to one another. The idea of decorating your home with wreaths during Christmas has been a tradition that dates back to The Roman times. 

Thereby, you should fully take advantage of this winter holiday celebration to embellish your front door with a Christmas wreath! You can look for various kinds of wreaths that give off a homely and cozy feel in chill winters. You can even choose to make one if you want by putting together yarn, different cloth pieces, and pom-poms.   

Moreover, when we think of the winter season, we imagine a large area of land, trees, and houses all covered in snow. So, you can take inspiration from this and consider creating snowball wreaths by utilizing Styrofoam balls and Epsom salt. Basically, you take the Styrofoam balls, dip them in adhesive glue and cover them in Epsom salts to ensure that they have a glossy surface. 

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