10 Clever Ways to Organize Craft Ribbon by Hard Working Mom

Just in case your craft supplies or craft room HAPPEN to be a mess right now…This is for you!

There’s no need to spend money on specialized drawers because chances are you have these supplies in storage already! Check out these 10 clever ways to organize craft ribbon.

  1. Popsicle Sticks

You may have these in your arsenal for crafts or maybe you have to save them up from enjoying your favorite Summer treat. No matter the difference, they come in handy for storing your ribbon! Unroll the ribbon and wrap it onto the popsicle stick and hold it in place with a rubber band. These new rolls take up much less space than ribbon rolls and are much easier to store!

  1. Papertowel Holder

If you are anything like me- When I decide to switch up my decor theme I change everything! Yes, even the paper towel holder. Use those holders in storage to hold your ribbon rolls.

  1. Organizer Basket

Baskets have so many uses! The plastic organizer baskets are ideal for this idea. Place the ribbon rolls in rows and run the tail end of the ribbon roll through the holes in the basket.

  1. Ribbon Wreath

Use a large embroidery hoop for storage! Stack your ribbon rolls onto the hoop and then use the hoop for decoration. If you are using this for home decor or craft room decor you could arrange the ribbon rolls by color or in a pattern for a cute visual piece.

  1. Ribbon Rack

Go the traditional route and use a ribbon rack that you can find at your local craft store. These racks are super easy to store your crafts and can be hung on the wall and out of your way!

  1. Drawer Storage

Store your ribbon in a drawer. 

  1. Keep the ribbon rolls in a drawer and place them into rows. 
  2. Unroll the ribbon from the rolls and wrap the ribbon onto cards or cardboard tags. Then place into a drawer in rows. Can you say spacesaver??
  1. Ribbon Rings

Ribbon rings are plastic hangers with holes in them to run the ribbon through and then are hung onto metal rings.  You could then hang them on a pegboard or even belt holder hooks.

  1. Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are so versatile! Use them for shoes. Jewelry, craft tools, and ribbon! These hang so easily in a closet or a command strip hook in your craft room.

  1. Jewelry/Makeup Holder

Acrylic drawers are not only pretty but they are very helpful. My favorites are the ones that swivel and rotate to choose exactly what items you want. Did I mention that they are clear so that you can actually see your whole collection when crafting?

  1. Tension Rods

You can place these rods anywhere! Place it at the top of your closet, in your crafting drawers, or underneath your crafting table for easy access. 

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