10 Handmade Items You Can Sell To Make Big Bucks

Yearning to dabble into your creative side and start an online shop but don’t know what to sell? We’ve created a list of in-demand handmade items that are selling like crazy right now (for big bucks!)

1. Jewelry

Whatever your style may be, chances are there is a buyer somewhere looking for the same style! Jewelry can vary from bracelets to necklaces to earrings. Use a variety of crystals or beads to craft necklaces and bracelets. If you are looking to design leather earrings, a Cricut machine is a great tool!

2. Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare is trending! Homemade scrubs, facial cleansers, and creams are in demand and buyers want their products to contain ingredients they are familiar with. Think cocoa butter, sugar, lemon, vitamin E, etc.

3. Repurposed Furniture

Repurposed furniture often offers a grand ROI!

Hunting for the perfect antique pieces at antique shops or garage sales for small purchases and then modernizing them to look fresh and up to date only to sell for double the price will make a profitable online shop!

4. Hair Bows

Items for little ones are always wanted. Hair bows, headbands, and topknots are wonderful shop items if you are handy with ribbon or other flexible materials!

5. Baby Goods

Feeding off the last idea, baby items are popular especially if they are handmade which makes them unique. If you love to sew items like burp cloths, baby blankets, lovey blankets, and bibs will sell quickly!

6. Wreaths

Home decor is widely searched for on Etsy. Everyone wants the latest trending decor design and fad. Wreaths are one of those decor items and it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up the exterior of your home. 

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7. Custom Tumblers

Use vinyl and your Cricut to personalize tumblers and sell them as gifts!

8. Candles

Everyone loves a fragranced home! Creating your own line of candles, melts, or sprays using natural ingredients like essential oils makes a great handmade business option. 

9. Knitted Items

Knitted accessories such as hats, gloves, and ear warmers are trending because of their uniqueness. Store-bought accessories just don’t compare!

10. Wedding Signs & Decor

Handmade decor for your wedding gives your event character. We usually see trends like rustic wedding decor or farmhouse wedding decor in demand on Etsy! Buyers want to purchase anything from calligraphy-focused items to wooden frames and signs but there are many different wedding themes that are searched for!

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