7 Ways To Transform Your Backyard For Spring

1. Upgrade bare patches

So your grass in the backyard isn’t the most even and picture-perfect…Turn those unappealing patches of dirt into a magical garden. Use dark mulch to cover the areas and plant bushels or bigger plants of your choice. You could even place outdoor decor items on top of the mulch and line it with pavers.

2. Give your fence a makeover

What fence couldn’t use a fresh coat of paint. Build that white picket fence you’ve always dreamed about! Fencing creates a mood for the space inside. Be creative!

3. Tranquility, please!

Add a dry creek bed to your yard. Create a creek flow shape with white gravel. Place plants along the sides and a bench to visit to reach complete zen in the early mornings with your coffee.

4. DIY furniture

I know you’ve been eyeing that DIY pallet patio furniture pin. Now’s the time to get to work and use it to transform your backyard space for future get-togethers!

5. Raised garden beds

Not only do raised garden beds add dimension to your yard but can bring a unique style to your space. Use 2×4’s to DIY these beds and use bright florals or place seasonal garden vegetables inside!

6. Build a pergola

A pergola will be your new hangout spot! Create your own lounge area for cookouts or just to relax. Be sure to place this one on your honey-do list!

7. Recycled Flower Display

We love the look of recycled goods that are brought to life!

Think of items like an old tub, a wagon wheel, or a wheelbarrow to place a huge display of your favorite florals. This is a great way to add some character as well as tons of color to your backyard. 

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