Best Craft Room Ideas for Inspiration

As a fellow craft fanatic, I know how fun it is to check out other craft room ideas for inspiration. Whether you like to make wreaths, sew, crochet, or create different arts and crafts, having a functional craft space is a must. It helps to have all of your supplies in one place and bonus points if it’s all organized. I could always use some fresh ideas, so I went searching for some of the best and most gorgeous inspirations for your space.

How do you decorate a craft room or space?

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need much to decorate your craft room. After all, the supplies themselves act as double decor thanks to the bold colors and the way they are made. At most, you’ll want to think about the storage and organization solutions to keep everything nice and tidy. 

In the ideas below, you’ll see lots of ways to do just that.

Best Craft Room Ideas for Inspiration

Ready to check out some craft room spaces to get inspired to set up your own? Simply click on the links below and you’ll be taken to some of the most amazing spaces I could find.

Craft Closet Conversion (Dragonfly & Lily Pads)

If you don’t want to use the space in a room for your crafts, you can always look at converting closet space. That’s what Karen Marie did and she makes it look flawless. She used a closet system that’s a combination of shelving units (think slender bookshelves) along with wall racks for creating additional shelving options. Then, she added a series of wooden milk crate boxes and clear plastic totes.

Make the Most Out of Small Space (The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

You don’t need tons of space to work with and this craft room tour is proof. Michele’s craft room is stocked with plenty of shelves, boxes, bins, totes, and lots of colors. She also utilizes lots of labels and even a bit of wall space. You can find a lot of what she used to design her space at IKEA.

Wall Mounted Table Craft Room Idea (Leap of Faith Crafting)

Since wreath-making is my primary thing, I absolutely adore this wall-mounted table idea. It’s one that can fold up when not in use which not only saves space but also helps keep things from getting cluttered. The running crafter joke is if there’s table space, something is bound to get put there. But going this route keeps that from happening!

Craft Room with Farmhouse Flare (Kleinworth Co)

Not only was I drawn to this room because of the farmhouse feel, but I loved how they used fabric-style bins for keeping individual supplies organized. Bins can be used for so much, especially smaller items like rolls of ribbon, faux flowers, and other small supplies. It’s also a great way to keep things color-coordinated.

Industrial Shelving Idea (Life in the Craft Lane)

These industrial shelves are my love language, especially because I use a lot of them myself. When you’re a wreath maker, you need enough space to hold big items as well as smaller ones, and these are perfect just for that. I also like the idea of using boxes to store ribbons. You can use them to keep the colors coordinated and also store them by size.

Pegboard Wall Craft Room (Happiness is Homemade)

Most beginner crafters stick with using the space on tables, shelves, or even the floor. However, after a while, you start to realize that you can use the space available on walls as well. Thanks to storage solutions such as pegboards, you can literally create an entire storage wall, like in this craft room example. Heidi turns an entire wall into a pegboard, which gives her tons of space to store her smaller supplies like scissors, tape, pencils, pens, and more.

Final Thoughts

Are these not the cutest and most functional craft room spaces you have ever seen? I like every single one of them and even more how practical they are to make. If you’re looking to give your craft room an update, be sure to check these inspirational ideas out. Which one(s) are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

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