Craft Supplies Organization Tips

Crafting can become messy, and we don’t just mean the process of “creating”. 

Your craft tape ends up in the ribbon rolls and your pipe cleaners in with the zip-ties. It’s not a problem until we need supplies for our next project and it takes us an hour longer to craft because you can’t find what you need. Save yourself the headache and check out the craft supplies organization tips!

Plastic Drawers

Purchasing a desk or dresser with plenty of drawers for your supplies can get expensive. Plastic units will save you money and your pocket AND they are clear so you can see the contents of the drawers. 

If you are a color coding person like I am, these drawers come in several different colors and patterns. DIY the color coding by purchasing scrapbook paper and sliding it in the front of the draw to create instant color!

Pegboard Organizer 

Instead of limiting your organization to the floor, use the vertical space! A pegboard can be used for scissors, hole punch, and more. You could even hang buckets and baskets with hooks to store items like pens, paint brushes, glue, and tape. 

Tackle Box Organizer

Keep from losing small supplies by placing them in a plastic tackle box organizer!

Buttons, glitter, and beads will always have a safe place when you’re in need. 

Display Rack

Displaying your supplies on a table top can be quite the eye-catcher. Store paint and glitter in a display rack to get a perfect view of all of your crafting options available without digging in a draw. 

Basket Shelves

A standing basket shelf is a great addition to your craft corner for storing ribbon or floral stems. Even the table top fruit baskets will help you to organize those frequently needed supplies you always grab for!

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