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Lush and evergreen wreaths are some of the most versatile decorations to bring warmth to your home on any occasion. Especially, during Christmas season, these simple yet elegant looking décor item makes your guests feel welcomed. Whenever you opt for a beautifully crafted faux arrangement decorated with red/blueberries or pine cones. You get a truly magnificent and original ornament that you can use for years to come. 

Here we will give you some creative ways to use wreaths at home irrespective of the season or occasion. 

Creative Wreath Uses 

  • Hanging on The Front Door

While not a very unique or creative way of using a wreath, hanging on the door is definitely the most common. Hanging a wreath on the door gives a welcoming dose of cheer before they even enter your home. It is the best way to state that the celebrations have already started and everyone’s welcome to join. Use a seasonal wreath according to the contrasting color scheme of your door to make the ornament look prominent and welcoming. 

  • Above the Mantel

The fireplace mantel is suitable for all types of decorative items. Hanging a wreath just above the fireplace mantel gives off a warm and cozy feeling for the inhabitants. An array of mini pumpkins and vases of freshly clipped leaves in combination with your wreaths will give a unique and fresh look to your living area. You can use a wall hook to hang the wreath securely, or you can mount it in the center to instantly draw attention. 

  • On the Window

Another creative use of a wreath is to place it in a window with a battery-operated candle. Pacing the same combination in each window gives off an old-world charm to your place. This combination works well for Colonial-style homes that have several windows. Use a magnetic hook to lock the wreath and candle together without making a fuss on the window. 

Alternatively, you can place a wreath inside or outside the window, slip a ribbon through the windowpane, and close the window tightly. Tie the wreath with ribbon and end it with a bow at the bottom to secure it on the window. 

  • Turn It into a Centerpiece

You can make an elegant DIY centerpiece using seasonal wrath and a large pillar candle. Place the candle charger on a plate and set the wreath on top, looping the candle and hiding the plate. For an even fancier look, add some berries and fern leaves around the lamp and light it. Use your creativity to make an astonishing and jaw-dropping ornament as a centerpiece.  

  • Above Your Bed

Another creative and seasonal look into your bedroom using a wreath is to hang it above your bed. Mount it just above the bed or set it on the headpiece paired with plush blankets and pillows for a relaxing effect. Ensure the wreath is free from glitters and dry falling leaves that can interfere with your sleep or create flaky clutter on your bed. 

Final Word

Wreaths are an elegant-looking yet straightforward piece of ornament that you can use to bring a feeling of coziness to your home. You can give a vintage or modern look depending on your preference and creativity. Make your home feel extra special by using a combination of seasonal wreaths following the room color schemes.

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