Decorating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Decorating your bathroom on a budget is easier to do than you may think. No matter your taste in style, we have some smart tips that will help you upscale with no renovations necessary. Be sure to bookmark this post and save it to your home decor Pinterest board.

Decorating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Have you dodged giving your bathroom a new look for fear of it costing too much? No worries! We have you covered with our best budget-friendly decorating ideas for your bathroom.

Change Up the Paint

One of the quickest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to add a new coat (or color) of paint. If you want color that will withstand changes over time, go for neutral tones. Think white, beige, cream, or gray color palettes. These colors are versatile and allow for updates without much maintenance.

Give Your Hardware an Update

Oftentimes, cabinetry comes with built-in hardware. However, these are one of the easiest things to change out if you want to give your cabinets a new look. Head to your local hardware store, like Lowe’s, and pick out a new look for your bathroom’s hardware. A simple update in knobs can give your bathroom an instant facelift.

Update the Light Fixtures

This is another one of those areas that can easily be overlooked. Changing out your bathroom’s light fixtures can give it a totally new feel and not cost much at all. If you want a brighter look, go for light fixtures that are white or frosted white to illuminate a brighter color. Depending on the color scheme you choose to go with, you can also opt in for fixtures to match that.

Add Rugs & New Window Treatments

Most people go for the typical bathroom rug, but this is an area where you can make a huge statement. Go for a rug with a bold pattern and one that pulls out a contrast color. You can also follow through with a matching rug for the sink and for the toilet cover. Window treatments can also match your rugs. Consider going for window treatments that pull out your personal style.

Add Greenery

Although adding real plants to your bathroom doesn’t sound typical, it’s actually a good environment for them. Consider adding some evergreen and vine-like plants to your bathroom. If you’re not sure about taking care of them, you can’t go wrong with adding faux plants. The Dollar Store will have plenty of plants you can choose from. Then, choose (or paint) pots to match your new bathroom’s theme.

Create an Accent Wall

One of the quickest ways to add an accent wall is with removable wallpaper. This can be found at your local craft store, Dollar Store, or Dollar Tree. Using removable wallpaper will make future updates super easy to accommodate. Once you have your accent wall, whether it’s wallpaper or paint, it will give you a blank canvas to add extra decor to and create your ideal overall look.

Shop Your Own Home

If you have old furniture stored around your home, your bathroom may be the ideal place to put it. Think small stools, end tables, or even decor that can be used to hang on the wall. Bathroom windows can also receive a quick and easy makeover by using curtains and/or blinds from a different room. If you do decide to use different curtains, don’t forget to update the hardware for them too. These small tweaks can make the bathroom look like new.

Switch Up What You Display

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have opted in for hiding your towels, hand soaps, toothcare products, and the like. These few things can actually be used in a decorative way and give your bathroom a new look. Consider showing off a few towels, a soap dish, lotion, and complimentary things for guests. Mix them up or choose to have everything match in color and style.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your bathroom on a budget can be a fun upscale project. To make sure you stay within a reasonable spending amount, set a budget first. Once you have your budget set, begin brainstorming the style you’d like to create in your bathroom. Then, you can begin purchasing, refurbishing, or making the things you need to pull of the look you want. It’s that easy!

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