Decorating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Decorating your bathroom on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or quality. With a little creativity and planning, you can find budget-friendly ways to makeover the room of your dreams! From thrift store finds and DIY projects to repurposed items, there are many ways to spruce up your space without spending a fortune. Brighten up the walls with wallpaper accents, add color through reusable materials such as fabric scrap pieces, and incorporate affordable furnishings like shelves or vanity units. With these tips and tricks, decorating your bathroom on a budget is easy and fun!

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7 Home Decor Trends for Summer 2022

Top Must-Have Wreath Making Supplies for Beginners

If updating any space in your home is on the radar this summer, then you’ll want to take note of these home decor trends for summer 2022. Every year a new round of seasonal colors and decor styles hit the markets and these are a few you don’t want to miss.

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