DIY Festive Halloween Lantern with Bow

One of my favorite holidays during the year to decorate for and celebrate is Halloween! There are so many crafts to get into that holiday spirit. This lantern can be used to decorate the interior of your home as well as the front porch. You can also switch out the bow and accessories to fit the holiday.

Gather your supplies and create this fun DIY Halloween lantern with a bow!


Medium size Lantern from Walmart 

3 Dollar tree sparkle picks

(5) 2.5 Halloween or fall ribbon

Witch Hat and spiders from Hobby Lobby


I’m going to begin making my bow first using my BowDabra.

Measure 12 inches of ribbon and gather at the 12-inch mark for your tail. Then make your two bow loops and turn the tail so that they are both on the same side. Next, grab the bow you just created in the middle and place it inside the BowDabra.

Don’t forget to angle the ends of the tails with a pair of scissors and vary the lengths of the different ribbons.

Continue to create bows with all of your ribbon choices and place them in the bow maker. 

Slide a pipe cleaner under the stack and lift. Once out of the bow maker, turn the twist in the pipe cleaner to the back and tighten. 

Tie the pipe cleaner to the top of the lantern and fluff your bow!

I also included some black florals and fun accessories like a witch’s hat, spiders, and sparkle picks and hot glued these inside the bow in various places.

Find the full video tutorial here.

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