DIY New Year Decor Ideas

If you’re planning to celebrate the start of a new year, here are some DIY New Year decor ideas. These are quick, easy, and can accommodate any budget. Be sure to bookmark this page and pin it to your New Year decor Pinterest board!

DIY New Year Decor Ideas

This roundup of ideas is sure to inspire you to decorate for the new year in style and without breaking the bank.

Create a Happy New Year Porch Sign

Greet your neighbors, guests, and passers-by with a unique Happy New Year porch sign. This board is easy to create and takes minimal supplies. Start with a base such as a wide pine board or scrap pallet wood and paint it white. Then, use stencils to paint the words “NEW YEAR” in gold. Add a little design at the top and bottom (polka dots would be cute) and finish the sign-off by giving it a distressed look with sandpaper. 

Set Up a New Years Party Drink at Station

If you are hosting a New Years’ gathering, then you’ll most likely need a drink station. Head to your local Dollar Tree and pick up a 2 gold bucket, a pack of plastic wine cups, a glass jar, a bag of silver Hershey Kisses, and a plastic 2-tier tray

One bucket is to be filled with ice for the new year’s beverage and the other can be used for ice to put in drinks. Assemble the 2-tier tray and place the plastic wine cups around the bottom and the glass jar on top. Fill the jar with the candy and you’re all set.

An additional touch would be adding a string of party lights, streamer paper, and/or balloons.

Decorate with Printable Signs

New Year’s printable signs are a quick and convenient way to not only decorate your home but you can also scale them down to create greeting cards. If you have a Cricut machine, consider whipping up your own new year banner and hanging it on your wall, porch, or wherever you have space.

Add a New Year Touch to Your Winter-Themed Mantel Decor

Do you have a fireplace mantel that you’ve decorated for the winter? No need to remove all of the decorations as they’ll add a special touch to this idea. Grab some old scrap wood and assemble it together to make a flat pallet. Use cutout letters from the Dollar Store to spell out “BEST YEAR YET” and add a few stars around the saying.

In addition to the sign, create a countdown banner using polka dot and gold paper in addition to numbers either made with a Cricut machine or numeric stickers from the Dollar Store. Cut out a star for each number and tape or glue it onto the star. String them in order starting with 10 down to 1 onto a piece of twine. Now, hang it across the bottom of your mantel, and that’s it! 

Update Your Front Door with a New Year-Inspired Wreath

Wreaths are always a great way to decorate for a season, holiday, or special occasion. For the new year, consider making this wreath that rings in the new year with style. To create a shiny and shimmery wreath all you need is a foam wreath form, two to three tinsel garlands, and some embellishments.

Wrap the tinsel around the wreath form and finish it off with new year-themed embellishments of your choice. This can be anything from the year 2023 and gold branches to flowers and black and white ribbons.

Have a Great New Year

While it’s awesome having the decorations and parties to ring in a new year, it’s also just as important to anticipate having a great upcoming year. While this isn’t necessarily a decor idea, I highly recommend creating a new year memory book. The idea behind this memory book is to collect pictures and memorable moments as they’re happening. 

By the end of the year, you will have gathered lots of experiences along the way and can look back on them with family and friends. Don’t wait until years down the road to put something like this together. Instead, build it in real time!

Here’s to a wonderful new year!

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