DIY Photo Collage Ideas

There’s no better way to decorate our homes than to fill our walls with memories.

While we would love to display every single one of our photos in our home you may just not have the shelf or wall space. Photo collages are a great way to compact those favorite moments onto a shelf!

Photo Collage Letters

This collage is not only great to decorate your home, but it makes a cool and unique gift!

Purchase either paper mache letters or wooden letters like these for a base to add your photos.

Next, paint the sides and back of the letter. Measure the size of the photos you would like to use and cut them to fit the edges and curves of the letter. Use mod podge to keep them in place!

Clothes Pin Collage

This project is super simple and will be a stand out piece in your home! Find a wooden picture frame to suit the size of your photos. Tie jute inside the frame horizontally and use mini clothespins to hang your photos! 

Canvas Collage

A traditional collage like this one never goes out of style! Using only a canvas board and mod podge, place and scatter your photos in a way to overlap each other until you fill the board. A simple collage like this is perfect for those small but empty walls!

Photo Magnets

These fun magnets can be made a couple of different ways but are perfect if you don’t have room on your walls yet want a collage style. An easy and quick way to craft these are to buy magnet adhesive paper. Simply tear the protective paper off the back and place your photo. This can also be created by purchasing pre cut magnets and gluing your photo on. Create a few of these so that you still get the desired collage look to display on your metal surface!

Bulletin Board Collage

A bulletin board collage would be a wonderful design piece for a college dorm! 

Gather your favorite photos to reminisce on and use tacs to hold them in place. Not only does this craft require few supplies, but you can also use this board in so many other ways such as a place to keep those reminders and notes!

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