DIY Pool Noodle Garland| Hard Working Mom

Make an adorable garland with pool noodles. Follow these 3 simple steps to create a DIY pool noodle garland that will be the most fun piece of decor at your party! (And it’s super easy too!) DIY Pool Noodle Garland | Hard Working Mom

Supplies Needed:

Pool Noodles

String or Twine


Sharp Knife

Step 1:

Find pool noodles at your nearest Walmart or Dollar Store.

Begin by cutting your colorful pool noodles with a sharp knife  into 2 inch sections. Remember this garland is over sized so be sure to put this piece together in a large area.

Step 2:

Place the first pool noodle section onto the opposite end of the string or twine and tie off of the pool noodle to keep the ‘beads’ from sliding off.

Step 3:

String the rest of the pool noodles onto the string in a colorful pattern and tie off on the front pool noodle section to keep both sides intact. 

String onto your deck, front porch, or fence for a giant splash of color for your next outdoor event! Add a few paper lanterns to pull the look together for the perfect photo opp! The best part? This garland is waterproof so it is durable enough for multiple uses and unexpected weather.

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