It’s essential to engage your child with creative activities from an early age. It helps them look at the world with a whole new perspective while making them sharp and innovative. Moreover, the entire process of collecting and putting things together will nurture the beautiful bond between you and your child.

Whether it’s a school project, a gift for a friend or your child wants to do something productive with his/her spare time; this little DIY project checks all requirements for your kid to have fun and be creative.

You may also make it yourself for your child if you want, but we suggest teamwork. That way, your child will learn so much with just a simple project.

Let’s begin the project with things that are required for this DIY.


Thin yarn or embroidery thread 

One brown glove

Fabric pen 




One wooden bead 

Two thick pipe cleaners (cut one in half)

All of the items mentioned above will be easily available at your home. All you have to do is gather them and start working on your DIY project.


Take the glove and flip it inside out. Use your fabric pen to draw lines on the thumb that you will use as the tail, the index and the middle fingers will work as the body and legs, and the ring and the pinky fingers will function as the hands. Crop out the top part from the last two fingers to utilize as the head. Use scissors to cut them all out.

Secure each part with a pin, and then stitch following the dotted lines that you made with the fabric pen. Stich with a brown thread at approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm) from the seam.


Turn the whole glove right-side out. Bend the three cleaner pipe pieces into a ‘U’ shape and place the two smaller pieces to support the legs and the one longer piece to support the tail. Add stuffing around pipe cleaners in the tail, legs, head, arms, and body except for the ears.

Image source: Pexels


With a simple needlework stitch, sew the arms, body, and tail, with a 3/16-inch (5 mm) gap from the opening. Then, carefully and neatly turn the opening inside and stitch the stuffed part shut.


Fold the backside of the head in the left, right, bottom, and top order. 

Next, take the open ends of the ears, gather them, and sew them on the backside of the head. 

Use a white thread to run a backstitch down the middle of the tail. Run the backstitch with dark brown and orange threads of 6/16 inch (1 cm) along the white thread.


Finally, stitch the tail, body, and arms onto the body.

Make eyes with the help of a black thread and use a wooden bead to make a nose. As a final touch, make the tail and curve the legs to make small feet.

Give it a try! We sincerely hope you enjoy making this adorable little DIY project with your child. 

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