How To Make A Easy Bridal Hoop For Wedding Service

Bridal hoops have become popular over the years and for many reasons. We love to create these dainty decor pieces for events like weddings or baby showers. They are not only beautiful but so simple to make! 

Here are a few ideas to re-create for your next event.

Hoop Bouquet


Faux floral

Floral tape

26 floral gauge wire

Embroidery Hoop

Super simple! To create this minimalistic hoop for your wedding party all you need to do is lay your floral around the hoop and use the gauge wire to adhere the stems to the hoop. Use the floral tape to hide wires or layer florals. 

Hoop Centerpiece

This elegant centerpiece is perfect for your reception and only takes a few steps!


Roses with wire stems

Wire cutters

Jute Twine 

2 small circular glass candle holders

Metal hoop

Rectangular wood block

LED string lights

Beading thread strings

Start by wrapping the hoop in jute twine. 

Then tie on your floral stems with the wire and secure them. 

For a whimsical touch, tie in the string lights among the floral pieces.

If you’d like to hang the candle colders in the center of the hoop, run the beading strings through the hoop and tie off the end. 

Next, drill a hole in the center of your wooden block, double the wire stems and run it through the hole and around the hoop to keep it in place. The block will serve as a stand to keep the hoop upright. Place tea candles in the holders and enjoy!

Eucalyptus Wreath

For a bohemian feel to any decor whether it be for your wedding, baby shower or home interior, this piece is stunning and inexpensive!


Eucalyptus stems

Floral wire

Bridal hoop

Simply lay on your Eucalyptus stems along the bottom side of the hoop and secure them with floral wire. Add in some cotton or white peonies!

Enjoy the beauty and added scent!

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