Farmhouse Style Valentine’s Decor Ideas

Get ready to be inspired by these Farmhouse Style Valentine’s Decor Ideas. They’ll help you get your home all prettied up for the season of love. These ideas are perfect whether you just want to add a lovely touch or if you are planning on having a Valentine’s Day gathering. Be sure to pin this post to your favorite Pinterest board!

Farmhouse Style Valentine’s Decor Ideas

If you’ve never thought to decorate for Valentine’s Day, it’s actually a good idea to try it! With this day falling within the “winter months,” it can be a good way to add some extra brightness to your home. The winter season can typically be cold, dark, and depressing – but not anymore! Be inspired to add light and love and these decor suggestions.

Neutral-Layered Heart Signs (A Hundred Affections)

You’ll love the fact that these heart signs are mostly made from Dollar Tree craft supplies and other items you may already have in your craft stash. Pick up a couple of wood signs that will be repurposed, along with hearts in various sizes. You will also need patterned fabric, scrapbook paper, and a few other staple craft supplies. Follow the tutorial at A Hundred Affections to easily assemble your own set of neutral-layered heart signs.

Scrapbook Paper Vase

Speaking of scrapbook paper, you can create a rustic farmhouse-themed vase by using a glass cylinder vase, a piece of vintage scrapbook paper, twine, and faux greenery. Simply wrap the scrapbook paper around the vase and attach it with glue. Wrap twine around the vase toward the top and tie it off with a bow (or leave it dangling).

Add a couple of faux white flowers inside the vase and wrap greenery around the base. Make several of these two easily decorate a fireplace mantel or line them up to create a table centerpiece.

Valentine Heart Tree

This decor idea is perfect for the kids too! Head outside and pick off a few small branches from a tree. You can purchase a bag of sparkly mini hearts from Dollar Tree or cut out your own from pink paper. Attach the little hearts to different parts of the sticks and branches then place them inside of a jar. Whoolah! Now you have Valentine’s heart tree!

Valentine’s Day Paper Banner (Simple As That Blog)

Create your own Valentine’s Day-inspired paper banner using pages from an old book, small buttons, and heart shape cutouts. The book pages are cut to resemble banner pieces while the hearts are glued in the center and embellished with a button. Each banner piece is then attached to a piece of yarn to create a banner that can be hung up on the wall, on a bookcase, or on a mantel.

Rustic Thumbprint Mason Jars (It All Started With Paint)

Turn your old mason jars into a rustic craft that can be used to decorate for the season of love. Start by painting the mason jars white, pink, and/or purple, and then add a distressed look to them using sandpaper. Have your kids use their thumbprints to make hearts all over the jars.

Add your favorite Valentine’s flowers inside of the jar and you’re all done. These would not only make cute decor but can also be used as Teacher gift ideas!

Wood Round Heart Coasters (A Bubbly Life)

These DIY heart coasters add a unique decor touch to your home and can also double as gifts, wedding favors, and more. All you need are small wood rounds, acrylic paint, and a clear gloss sealing spray. Paint a heart on each wood round piece and let it dry. Then use a paint marker to write the initials of you and your lover (for example, T+C). Once that dries, spray each wood round with the clear gloss sealing spray. Allow each coat to dry and you’ll end up with waterproof coasters!

Final Thoughts

Decorate for Valentine’s Day in a practical way with these farmhouse-style ideas. You won’t have to spend lots of money at all and you’ll have craft projects that double as decor and gifts. Do you typically decorate for the Valentine’s holiday? If so, share some of your decor ideas in the comments below!

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