DIY Hanging Rope Planter

This do-it-yourself hanging rope planter is a must-try craft for this spring season. You’ll only need a couple of supplies from the Dollar Tree and a few things you most likely have lying around the house. These adorable planters can be used for so much! Keep reading to see how easy it is to make your own.

Why I Like This Craft

When it comes to trends, this is one that I particularly enjoy because it lasts for more than one season. Once spring rolls around, you can expect flowers to stay through at least three seasons, meaning these hanging planters can hold a variety of plants over time.

The rope style also fits perfectly with nautical and farmhouse themes. It adds a rustic, yet trendy look to any place you hang them. And I also like this craft because it is very easy to make and doesn’t cost much at all. 

Ideas for What to Put in Your Rope Planter

Before diving into how to make your own nautical rope hanging plant holder, let’s first talk about what to use these things for in the first place. Since this was my first time making one, I opted in for a faux succulent. It provided a springy chic look and went perfectly with the ocean-themed, nautical decor in my office.

As I started thinking more about it, the following ideas come to mind:

  • Mini versions to hold real herbs and hang them in the kitchen.
  • Bigger ones for holding real flowers and hanging them on the porch.
  • Regular sized ones could hold a variety of real or fake ones and be used to decorate the kitchen table.
  • These would also make great Mother’s Day gifts.

The possibilities of what to do with yours are truly endless. Let your creative juices flow!

How to Make a DIY Hanging Rope Planter


  • Aluminum can (from veggies/fruit)
  • Decorative Nautical Rope (2 packs from Dollar Tree)
  • Faux Succulent (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Faux Moss (optional)


1. Remove the paper wrapper from your aluminum can, clean, and dry it thoroughly. 

2. Starting at the bottom of the can, secure one end of the nautical rope with hot glue.

3. Begin wrapping the rope in circles, applying dots of hot glue along the way.

4. Once the bottom is covered, continue wrapping and gluing up the can until it is completely covered.

5. Cut an additional 8-12” piece of rope to make a hanger. 

6. Apply the ends of the hanger piece inside the can and secure it with glue.

7. Fill your can with faux greenery and hang.

Optional: Add faux moss (reindeer or Spanish) to create a more grassy look to your greenery. You can also use a variety of flower types depending on your style and decor preference.

Final Thoughts

How easy was that? Next time you’re at the Dollar Tree, pick up a few packs of nautical rope, some faux greenery, and have a go at creating your own hanging rope planter. I’d love to know if you tried this craft and different variations you may have done

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