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How to make a July 4th Lantern Swag

See below for more ?Supply List

Fourth of July Lantern Swag

Supplies are as follow:

1 Lantern (size is optional)
1 Patriotic Floral Bouquet
1 Palm Green Leaves (optional or any type of greenery of your choice)
1 Ivy Bush (optional or any type of greenery of your choice)
1 Boston Fern Bush
1 Patriotic Bouquet of Roses
1 White Daisies Floral Bouquet (optional)
1 Patriotic USA Flag Pick (optional)
Different types of Fourth of July Picks (of your choice)

If you would like to decorate the inside of the lantern, supplies are as follow:

1 LED Candle (choice of your own)
1 Styrofoam disc (choice of your own)
1 Sheet Moss (choice of your own)
Floral Pins
Hot glue sticks

Ribbons are as follow:

1.5″ Patriotic Gingham Plaid Ribbon
1.5″ Stripe Navy Blue and White Ribbon
1.5″ Stars On Stripes Ribbon
1.5″ Red and White Stripe Ribbon
2.5″ Stars On Stripes Ribbon
2.5″ Dashed Glitter Star Ribbon
2.5″ Blue and White Star Ribbon
2.5″ Sheer Multicolor Ribbon

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